Monday, August 28, 2023

Melted Cars in Maui

Firefighter confirms police were diverting people trying to escape back into the fire.


  1. I will be called a conspiracy theorist but this blue roof thing has actual legs. These laser / energy weapons don't have any effect on a specific blue color. And since the government is a bunch of lieing POS I will believe my theory over those 🀑s...

    1. I wonder if that phenomena has to do with all colours having a different frequency signature from each other?

    2. I have no idea. Arson is simple and straightforward.
      It also falls well within the realm of believability.


  2. The melted aluminium rims and engine blocks also happened in the recent fires here in BC. Also - - - melted glass (windshields, etc.). It takes almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit to melt glass.

  3. Only 1220 deg F. for aluminum. Automotive glass is not pure glass, it's safety glass and as such has a layer of plastic sandwiched between glass, plastic of course melts at a much lower temperature.

  4. Aluminum rims are fairly thick, not cooking wrap here.
    Are they also composed of other alloys making their melting point higher.

    Many like to cast all of these incidents off as being completely reasonable making very broad assumptions.
    Much like 3 buildings falling into their own footprint at the speed of gravity.
    All on the same day no less.


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