Saturday, August 26, 2023

New Brunswick First Nation declares state of emergency over drugs

The National Post is reporting that "The council says it acted quickly in the wake of a public outcry that led to hundreds of people storming a residential property in the urban reserve, purported to be a drug den. Windows on the home on Bear Drive and three vehicles parked in the backyard were smashed out. On Friday, the First Nation announced it had hired a private security firm to help keep drug mules and their customers out of residential parts of the reserve overnight."


  1. If you won't do anything about it, we will. Citizens taking back their own streets from the hands of those paid to protect them who in fact do nothing.

  2. Nice to see the residents run off these piece of shit death dealers, the problem has been ongoing and it looks like normal folks had enough. Here in new brunswick vigilantism is definitely on the rise because the rcmp and crown prosecutors favor thieving drugs addicts . Moncton nb has become a warzone looking wasteland with dope zombies everywhere. Good luck owning anything you can't watch 24/7 because it will be stolen

    1. We should probably stop calling it vigilantism, the word implies excessive or extreme action and that citizens don't have authority to act, that only government enforcers are legitimate. We ceded our rights of self defense and such to the government, it is not a one way street where we can't take them back if they fail in their responsibilities.

  3. When it comes to hard drug problem fredericton new brunswick is outlaw mc territory. Total parasites


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