Sunday, August 13, 2023

Bowron Lakes to Desolation Sound Road Trip

I just got back from the second part of my road trip. I went up the Fraser Canyon through Hells Gate to Lake la Hache then on the the Bowron Lakes between Wells and Barkerville. It was awesome. Then I came back down through Pemberton and Brandywine Falls along the Sea to Sky Highway to Horseshoe Bay. All the campsites were full for the long weekend and my luggage rack broke so i came home for a pit stop to do some repairs then resumed my journey up the Sunshine coast to Powel river, Lund and Desolation Sound. It was very inspiring.
It's going to take me a while to put all the video clips together but I've already started on a new channel in preparation for my road trip to Alaska. The new channel is called Zen and the Art of Civil Liberty. I'll add more to that channel as I start putting some of the video clips together. I got called in to work a day early so it will take me a while them there's a good started already posted.

I really liked Wells, Barkerville and the Bowron Lakes. I had never been. I didn't canoe the whole circuit but I hiked the first portage and rented a canoe for a day trip on Bowron Lake which is the last lake in the circuit. So I documented the beginning and the end of the canoe circuit. Now that's on my bucket list too. I wanted to compare it to the Powel Lake canoe trip circuit. The Powel lake one is also awesome but it's a lot more rugged. You can't wheel the portages on a dolly you have to carry the canoe old school. On the Bowron lakes circuit you just wheel them on a dolly.
I got a chance to visit Savory Island and rented a scooter believe it or not. I had a blast.
The next day I went on a zodiac tour of Desolation sound and saw all the secret camping spots there for kayakers. That is definitely something I'm going to do.
Tomorrow Larry Amero's sentencing resumes and I just don't care. He's nobody to me. I'll just wait until the post the judgement on the court's website. Larry Amero is just a rich kid who consistently made bad choices based on selfishness and greed. Now he's finally going to have to start facing the consequences of his choices like the rest of us.

My road trip was about turning the page and moving forward. I went through Hells Gate leaving Finian's Inferno behind me only to discover new sights in Finian's Paradise. When I got back from the first part I wrote a post about Wind Therapy which they mentioned in that Florian Knights documentary. I found it highly relevant. I'm all Zenned out and am at complete peace.

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