Saturday, August 26, 2023

Supervised injection sites fuel crime

The National Post is reporting that "The increase in violent crime and public disorder that follows supervised consumption sites must be tamed. People living close to many of these sites have complained about significant increases in public disorder and violent crime."

"In June, a group of Vancouverites filed a lawsuit against the city, Vancouver Coastal Health and a non-profit, alleging that they failed to responsibly oversee the Thomus Donaghy Overdose Prevention Site in downtown Vancouver. The plaintiffs claim that, after opening in 2021, locals witnessed violent assaults and other disturbing criminal activity at the site, which turned the neighbourhood into a centre point for crime and public disorder.”

Indeed, however, a massive police presence won't help unless the police are allowed to enforce the law. Enforcement is one of the Four Pillars Vancouver has abandoned. We don't even stop drug dealers from selling drugs at treatment centers. That is disgusting.

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  1. Back when the Police station on Main Street was still open, they had two Constables on the corner across the street in front of the Carnegie Centre. It stopped nothing, the drug dealers just went into the alley behind the building.


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