Saturday, August 26, 2023

The more you indict, the more we unite

I guess Trump was released on bail becuase he stopped for a picture on his way back to his car. Forbes is reporting that "Harrison Floyd, the lone co-defendant in former President Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia who is still in custody, was denied bond by a state judge on Friday, keeping the Black Voices for Trump leader at the Fulton County Jail despite his pleas for release." This partisan abuse of process has become absolutely insane.

Look who they're going after. They're going after Trump and Trump supporters because they don't want him to run. It's beyond crazy. It's a ridiculous circus. They can't get any fake charges to stick so they keep inventing more and more ridiculous charges. The other day a coworker showed me a video of a workplace accident then laughed when someone else posted a comment to the video saying they're doing to indite Trump for this next. The moral of the joke was that the Swamp keeps trying to fabricate charges against Trump simply so he can't run. Everyone can see that.

First it was the never ending story of Russian election interference. Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that Russia hacked the election. Tulsi Gabbard said Hillary Clinton was the queen of warmongers and that Hillary personifies the rot that has sickened Democratic party. She was right.

As a result, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset. The false allegation was ridiculous. So she repeatedly claimed that Russia hacked the election and the Fake News promoted that false story. Now they are trying to charge Trump criminally for doing the same thing Hillary Clinton did. The only difference is that his allegation had merit.

Texas filed a lawsuit stating that other states violated the Constitution. The court said that may well be the case but one States doesn't have jurisdiction over another state. So the lawsuit was dismissed. Not because there was no evidence of voter fraud. There was plenty. It was dismissed over standing and jurisdiction. The movie 2,000 Mules documented election irregularities.

Electronic voting is not secure. We saw mules in possession of multiple mail in ballots in a sophisticated operation. That was real. There's no way Biden won Arizona in 2019 and there's no way Katie Hobbs won Arizona in 2023. Katie Hobbs has broken the record for the number of bills vetoed by any Governor in that State over such a short period of time. Arizona elected a Republican government in 2022 but a Democrat Governor. That doesn't make sense. That's what we would call an election irregularity as is the number of ballots counted.


  1. Too bad we can't submit meme pics as comments, there is some killer stuff out there on this topic and others. It's harder for them to be taken seriously when people are laughing at them.

    1. You can post a link to a meme. I'm sure there's some kind of code that lets you embed it but I don't know what it is.

  2. Ah, right you are. Should have thought of that.


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