Saturday, August 26, 2023

Savary Island and Desolation Sound

I mentioned how I came back from a road trip on my motorcycle from Bowron Lakes to Desolation Sound. Well I finally uploaded the video clips from the second part of the trip up the Sunshine Coast to Powell river and Lund which included a zodiac tour through Desolation sound.

This trip was in preparation for my road trip to Alaska and I certainly did find some hidden gems off the beaten path. The whole point of the trip was to break out of the fish bowl and get out of the 15 minute city mindset. To set aside the kaleidoscope of insanity and see the mosaic of beauty out there in the real world. Another purpose of the trip was to find some new places to kayak.

I documented the beginning and ending of the Bowron Lakes canoe trip but also had a look at the Powell Lake canoe trip. On my Desolation sound zodiac tour I saw what islands in the Marine park you're allowed to camp on for a kayak trip on the ocean. The only drawback is fresh water but there is a lake you can hike to for fresh water. This trip was awesome and my post on Wind therapy talks about how motorcycle riding can help us leave the past behind and move forward.

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