Thursday, August 10, 2023

January 6th set up and Misrepresentation

Update: Tucker Carlson interviews Former Capitol Police Chief

Brandon Straka is reporitng that "Geri Perna is any normal American citizen, just like you and me. But what she and her family have gone through is anything but normal. Geri’s nephew, Matthew Perna, walked inside the Capitol on January 6th through the open doors on the East Side. He committed no vandalism, no violence, no theft, and no destruction."

"Shortly after January 6th Matthew saw his face on an FBI wanted poster. He turned himself in. After that, the DOJ charged Matthew with felony charges, and refused to drop any of them. Emotionally beaten down by the anxiety and anguish of his case being dragged out over a year, Matthew was advised to plead guilty so he could end his case, knowing that he’d likely be sentenced to up to a year in prison."

"After Matthew pled guilty, the DOJ informed him that they would then seek a TERRORISM ENHANCEMENT to his sentencing, which would take his sentencing recommendation to up to 9 years in federal prison. That day, Matthew went into his garage and hung himself."

This is a link to a video of Mathew's Aunt on WalkAway Social. Mathew walked "through the open doors on the East Side. He committed no vandalism, no violence, no theft, and no destruction." They added charges after his plea deal. He walked through open doors. It was a complete set up and the way the Fake News has completely misrepresented that event is mentally deranged as is the punitive over reaction from the partisan Department of Justice.

The US Sun is reporitng that "In the obituary, the author states Perna entered the Capitol through an already-open door, 'ushered in by police,' and insists he did not break, touch, or steal anything." We saw the videos of people walking in through open doors being ushered in by police. It was a complete set up. In one video a skeptical protester said watch they're probably going to lock us in after they opened the doors for them. 2000 Mules Trailer.


  1. Sad to hear. One more death laid at the feet of the monsters in human form who wish to rule no matter what. More to come I am afraid.

  2. Why am I not surprised that the evil democrat's act just like the former BC Liberals? I sympathize with this man's plight.

  3. Because the are ideologically the same. The names are different is all.

  4. I noticed it’s the San Francisco members of Congress namely Feinstein & Pelosi who are the biggest liars.

  5. Feinstein gets moved around in a wheelchair these days, she reads whatever is put in front of her and has problems "wandering" mentally even with a script. Like McConnell. Like Biden. These people are not running anything they are just doing what they are told. "By who" is a better question.

    1. Nancy Pelosi is amazingly coherent for her age but is straight up Satanic. The rest are pretty much vegetables. Mitch McConnell is part of their globalist cabal. The book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer is an excellent nonpartisan look at political corruption.

    2. Thanks, I'll order it.

  6. If you know anything about depends what time of day it is!

    From fully coherent to slobering drunk in a matter of a government paid luncheon.

    This is fact.


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