Monday, August 14, 2023

Extremism: The Two Faces of Crazy

Let's pause and reiterate the obvious. There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world that the fake news is actively promoting and misrepresenting. However, extremists exist of both sides of every issue. I always strive to shun extremism and balance the extremes.

Today a co worker showed me a headline on his phone claiming that Irish farmers were protesting the unnecessary slaughter of 200,000 cows to meet climate emission quotas. That is bat sh*t crazy and it has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. Fake Environmentalism has an ulterior motive that is indeed mental. Plants and trees need CO2 to survive. Net Zero means all the plants and tress die then in turn all human and animal life along with it. So there is a real modern threat to our freedom like never before.

Having said that I would also like to point out that I am not an anti Vaxxer. I am anti RNA genetic vaccines and anything the World Economic Forum promotes. Their agenda is malicious and is criminally insane. True North is reporting that the Mainstream Media is smearing Pierre Poilievre and are mocking his opposition to the WEF calling it a conspiracy theory. That bogus claim is crazy. Nothing the WEF promotes is good. An evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

Likewise the Fake News were mocking people for having any concerns whatsoever about the adverse reactions to the Covid RNA vaccines. Now we know, their mocking those people is crazy. The concerns with genetic RNA vaccines are indeed very real as is their censorship and misrepresentation of the data and the real science.

Nevertheless, extremists exist on both side of any issue. Recently I mentioned that I decided to get the shingles vaccine and a commenter started to mock me and take that position completely out of context and started making ridiculous and offensive assumptions. Some people just like to ague because they have no life. That's not me. There are a whole lot of other things I rather be doing than argue with an idiot. Anything.

I said you sound like a flat earther and they said that claim was spin when in reality it was not. They were indeed a flat earther and started spamming me with crazy arguments supporting the flat earth theory. Then they started mocking me for believe that NASA is real. OK hold the door.

Some people believe the moon landing was faked. I do not but how far do you really want to go with that? You're now claiming that NASA is fake. What do you mean by that? Every space probe and satellite they have ever launched is fake? That is completely crazy. We've seen space shuttles launch and return to earth. Are you saying Elon Musk's communication satellites that orbit the earth are also fake? That isn't just insane, it's a mental disorder that denies evidence based research to rationalize their false premise: that the earth is flat when it is obviously not.

I've talked about this before and that's all I'm going to say on the matter. My point is that mocking me for choosing to take the shingles vaccine is complete hypocrisy. The whole point of the freedom movement is the freedom to choose. Tamara Lich is not vaccinated but Chris Barber is. The freedom to choose is something we all should be able to agree on and I don't want help from a spook on the issue because the flat earther is not malicious but the spook is.


  1. The more one studies the extremists (ie flat earthers) the more one finds evidence to indicate they are a product of various state propaganda agencies and front groups. The agenda is to make people opposing the status quo appear irrational and “kooks” while driving away normal individuals. Same thing with infiltrating anti-communist groups with “white supremists” who are really agents of the state.


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