Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Busting a nice drug dealer

In this video clip from the Last Narc, Hector Berrellez shares one of his intense and chilling stories about how he busted a drug dealer and became a DEA Agent. It's intense alright. It's also heartbreaking. He said on his first undercover op he was young, had short hair and looked like a cop. He was sent in to buy an once of heroin for $10,000. Hector speaks Spanish.

The drug dealer looks at him and says are you sure you're not a cop? Hector was like no man, I don't even have my papers. I'm not even legal. Then he asks the drug dealer if it's pure heroin. He says they'll kill me if it's not pure. Then he tells the drug dealer, look, I don't know anything about heroin. My mother is sick. She has cancer. I'm trying to get some money to pay for her medical bills. The drug dealer assures him it's pure heroin and completes the transaction.

The the drug dealers says now I have something for you. He pulls out a bag of cocaine and puts it on the table. He said this is my gift to you. He said sell the cocaine and pay the medical bills for your mother. You don't belong in this business. I don't want to see you around her any more.

Hector leaves and the police come in and bust the drug dealer. That was harsh. Don't you feel the slightest bit guilty? That guy was really nice to you. People will always sell drugs. Those are the kind of guys you want in the business. They're not lacing their cocaine with fentanyl and they're not trolling rehab targeting people trying to get off drugs. As soon as the guy did that I would have pulled off the wire and said yo man, this is a set up. Run out the back door.

It's pretty rare to find a drug dealer who is going to give someone a gift with no strings attached. The HAs would be like now you owe us and turn you into a slave for the rest of your life.

It I was in Hector's position, after that first experience I would have said, sorry guys. I'm not cut out for this. I'm not going to do this any more. Hector said after the drug dealer was arrested he walked past him and said oh you're good kid and Hector said thank you.

Good at what? Lying? That;s not something to be proud of. I realize Hector is a good person and is very sincere. However, this whole glorification of lying is a slippery slope. This is how the Agency recruits good people to do bad things. They rationalize it by claiming the end justifies the means. First of all it doesn't. Second, they are lying about their real intent.


  1. You can find these flashes of humanity in darkness, the more notable for that.

    The only way to remove the violence and desperation involved in this is to remove the money, but past that we don't seem to have any plan that everyone could agree on. I'm not in favor of people laying around drugged up as much as they can be but at the same time, I really really hate to see women out there on a street corner to pay for it.

  2. As opposed to men breaking into your home or stealing from a small business, to support their habit? Prostitution is the second oldest profession.

    1. Yes but living off the avails of forced prostitution is sleazebag city.


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