Monday, February 11, 2013

Ricky Ciarniello and the Devil’s Butler

Last month I found this picture of Ricky Ciarniello and David Black from the Satan’s Angels taken back in 1977 on Kim Bolan’s new web site about the Hells Angels. Black was the president of the group and Ciarniello was the treasurer.

The Vancouver Satan’s Angels patched over to become Hells Angels in 1983 and Ricky Ciarniello is referred to as the spokesperson for the Hells Angels in Vancouver. The first thing that came to mind was why the hell are they holding up a flag with a Nazi swastika on it? Then I find out that Ricky’s pal David Black was convicted along with several others from that group of kidnapping and torturing a guy they referred to as their butler. That case was described in detail in Simma Holt’s book The Devil’s Butler.

This picture was taken in 1977. The kidnapping and torture of the butler took place in 1968. Ricky C would have been 17. One blog reader noted that one of the news reports about the kidnapping stated there was a 17 year old with them who was charged. We don’t know if that was Ricky C or not but the timing is worth investigating.

The point is, Ricky C denies everything. When a Hells Angel or associate gets caught trafficking drugs or committing a crime he says he’s not with us or in the case like Bryce Jr. where it’s obvious he was, he says he was acting on his own not for the club. Which in the case of EPandora is simply not true.

Although we can’t prove that Ciarniello was with the mob of misfits who kidnapped and tortured that butler, we can prove he associated with them for many years afterwards. To me, that is not the kind of association to brag about. They were not innocent nor were they acting on their own in the commission of that crime. Sadly, it wasn’t their first offence either.

I had a peak at the book The Devil’s Butler and found some interesting things. Initial wiretaps played in court recorded a telephone conversation between a member of the Satan’s Angels and the clubhouse saying we’ve found another butler. Another butler. That clearly implies this was not the first time they did this kind of horrendous stunt.

The investigation started after the January 11 1968 murder of a prospect named Sydney McDonald in the Satan’s Angels clubhouse at 3604 Napier Street in Vancouver. Robert James, a member of the club, beat him to death with a metal rod because he wanted to see what it felt like to kill a man. His girlfriend pleaded with him to stop but he refused. She ended up testifying against him in court.

After that murder the RCMP got a warrant for a wiretap in the clubhouse. Shortly thereafter they heard the conversations about the kidnapping of a new butler which is what the book is predominately about. Yet as the blog reader who claims to have a copy of the book points out, the book also describes several other incidents as well. One was a vicious gang rape on two young girls. Another was the gang rape in Monterey and the stabbing of Meredith Hunter at the rolling Stones concert all around that time period.

So the book wasn’t just about the Satan’s Angels in Vancouver but included some other cases that involved the Hells Angels in California as well. It does however go into detail about the trial involving the devil’s butler and mentions other cases that the Vancouver group was also involved.

The book does mention that the clubhouse on Napier Street was filled with Nazi symbols just like the one Ricky Ciarniello and David Black are holding up in the picture. I find that disturbing. For a group that claims it’s origin to a military squad, they are clearly fighting for the wrong team. We fought the Nazi’s in the war. We did not embrace the racism that filled the ovens with innocent victims.

Although the butler in this case survived to testify in court, the details of what they did to him are very disturbing. One blog reader claims the book states they sodomized him with a broom stick. I didn’t get that far in the book but I did read how they took turns scraping his scrotum and testicles with a bristle broom.

They made him stand naked in a bucket holding the broom and ordered him to dance to the music and whack off. Why on earth would a group of guys do that? Why one earth would a group of guys find that entertaining? 15 guys sitting around watching a naked guy standing in a bucket whack off. There are some real deep seeded issues here that we need Dr. Phil to help straighten out. That is not normal and it sure ain’t manly.

Sodomizing, taking turns scraping his testicles with the bristles of a broom, how is that fun? It reminds me of how Tony Terezakis video taped himself beating the life out of crack addicts that owed him money. When they replayed the video in court Tony couldn’t hold back the laughter. There is something seriously wrong there that needs to be addressed. It is mentally deranged.

The torture of the butler continued in various forms including putting his naked body in an ice bath. Again why the obsession with torturing him naked? There really seems to be some perverse tendencies there.

Here we have a group of social misfits, obsessing over Nazi symbols and paraphernalia, who enjoy torturing people. The deranged torture is a huge concern as is the Nazi obsession. Mom Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta formed their own white supremacist biker club called the SS. Salvatore ended up forming the Rock Machine but crossed over to join the Hells Angels in Montreal. Clearly the Montreal Hells Angels also have a Nazi lover’s obsession. No wonder the Bo Bars didn’t want to sell drugs for them.

Next time Ricky Ciarniello does an interview for the press, we need to ask him about the Devil’s Butler. Was he the 17 year old present? How can he rationalize associating with that group of men for so many years? What does Ricky C have to say about the Devil’s Butler? Even that book has a Nazi flag on it. What does Ricky C have to say about his Nazi obsession in our multi cultural society? This case fits in with our New Years theme from Pitbull. To understand the future we have to go back in time. Just like the case of Skeletor's First Stolen Motorcycle.


  1. My life long best friends father was a part of these sick events, no names mentioned but I bought the book just because his dad was talked about in the book . We grew up not knowing his dad was involved ( why would we right , it wasn't any type of a life we did grow up in ) with this shit and only found out about 5-7 years back.

    1. I have just discovered that I had a relative that was a part of this group - not sure yet if he was involved in this particular incident or not. I'm currently on the hunt for a copy of this book. I'm looking for answers.

    2. They have a copy in the Vancouver public library. It's in the reference section for very old books. You can read it but you can't take it out. You can find copies for sale online but they're pretty expensive.

  2. Sidney was not a prospect:


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