Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double Homicide in Kelowna

This is a strange one. Police claim two dead bodies found in a black SUV that had crashed into a light standard in a condominium parking lot were victims of a homicide, not a car crash. We’ll know more when the names of the victims have been released.

Police are waiting to release the names so they can notify next of kin. That is appropriate. The family of Kevin Fry were heartbroken the grandparents heard on the news their grandson was dead before the family could tell them.

Castanet originally reported that the crash was reported around 11:30 p.m. Monday night. Witnesses say the large black SUV took out a cement and brick light post before it crashed into the side of the Terravita condo complex in West Kelowna. RCMP say a male passenger escaped on foot before they arrived at the crash site.

The dog team was called in and a manhunt was underway. RCMP believed the man was heading to Kelowna, and they blocked off several streets looking for the runaway -- it is unclear if the man was captured at this time. When emergency crews reached the SUV they discovered both the driver and the passenger were deceased. Even though the airbags were deployed, the crash did not appear to be serious enough to cause death.

Here’s some links to the homicide story:

[Castanet] [CBC] [Province]


Update: Police have confirmed Tiffany June Goruk and Jeremy Daniel Snow were the victims.

March of 2009 Jeremy Snow was arrested in Idaho after landing a helicopter loaded with more than 170 pounds of BC bud. Operation Blade Runner began with an arrest of an Alberta man in Salt Lake city with 80 kilos of cocaine. Seven Canadian men and one American were charged in an elaborate scheme where BC bud and ecstasy was being dropped off across the border in exchange for cocaine. Sound familiar?

Kim Bolan is reporting that Sam Brown, the helicopter pilot that committed suicide in a US Prison just prior top Jeremy Snow’s arrest, was caught with a drug shipment that was part of the same gang. Sam’s father seems to think his son was a pawn and took the fall for someone else. Colin Martin bragged about how many drug shipments he did and escaped prosecution.

Jeremy Snow had a nice tattoo of Christ on his chest. Unlike the skulls and deadheads the others have. Both Jeremy and Tiffany had young children from previous relationships. You have to wonder about the integrity of an organization that would use and promote someone like Joey Verma for taking the fall for the murder of Britney Irving. It is sad as in pathetic, a group can brag about killing such a wonderful young woman. Sam Brown was not a bad guy. Neither was Jeremy Snow or Tiffany Goruk. Colin Martin is a dirty rat and the Big Red Machine is deranged.

Turns out Tiffany had Norm Cocks on her Myspace friends.

Even Weird Hal Porteous:

Somehow I don't think she was killed by a rival.


  1. Yes, I did not add this on the Forum, as the jury seems to still be out, but maybe a gang-crime. It sure has all the elements...

  2. Convictd in Oct 2009 to 46 months in US Prison! From your Archives
    How is he able to be in Kelowna?

  3. Sounds like he was recently paroled.

  4. What???? re: "Sam Brown was not a bad guy. Neither was Jeremy Snow or Tiffany Goruk."
    You are sure a sloppy "investigator".

    Mr cool dude major drug shipper murdered a dude on PV road in Vernon and shot up a car rental place.
    Tiff was just a sleazy botoxed and siliconized skank.



    Good riddance.

  5. Jeremy was a small player compared to Colin who likely ratted him out to secure his own monopoly of the business. I see nothing in Kim's article where it is claimed that Jeremy was ever charged or accused of murdering anyone in Vernon. Just a comment you made implying that. In the Castanet link "someone" implied the same thing and linked to one of my own articles as reference where I made no such claim. Just an anonymous commenter.

    It is possible Jeremy was charged in that murder but I don't see any record of it. Just anonymous comments of "someone" trying to imply it without any news article or court document to back it up. Sam Brown was just a young kid who wanted to set up a helicopter business trying to get a break. He was tempted by someone else who controlled the market and ratted others out to save his own ass. Here's the MO: rat out a competitor and send him to jail in a US prison or have the HAs kill him for losing the shipment so the DEA will let you continue doing business. Sam Brown saw the dilemma and hanged himself. He was not a bad guy.

  6. Did you notice that Sally Habib is one of the admins on Tiffany Goruk's Facebook memorial page?

    1. Why would sally matter just because her last name like grow up

  7. I was scrolling thru the friends and Russell Penner meth cooker was just one of. Along with many more, plus escorts and 100k porta potties. Tiffany was in an exclusive group of hoods and leather faced douche bags. Male and female. And Snow was indeed connected to one death in Vernon but that is now circular filed. Ps - I am no law breaker but knew the Greeks and David and Thom as well.

  8. Fuck you to everyone who's adding negative gossip Agent K or Kelly Hayes whatever you want to call yourself... why not just leave these people alone Tiff and J were great people so what if he flew some pot across the border? Does that make him a bad person? The answer is no it doesn't he may have made a stupid choice... But he's not a bad person. And If Botox makes you a bad person then Tiff must be evillll. Leave them alone let their Fams grieve in peace and not have to worry about people like you stirring up the pot, looking to fuel the fire with Bullshit Drama that has little to no truth about it.. Like did you see that Sally Habib.... Sally Habib is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met, she has words of encouragement when needed, she has so much love to give it is unbelievable, If everyone in this world was a Sally Habib the world would be a much more positive, loving, war-less world... I consider myself blessed to even have a friend like her and hope everyone gets the chance to meet someone like this in their life. If you want a example of her selflessness the first month I met her she noticed a girl In a orchard as she drove by, the next day the same girl was still there, Sally stopped and the girl turned out to be a older teen that was homeless because of abusive parents... Sally gave her a place to stay for over a month and fed her and trusted her to stay at her place when sally went to work. Don't judge people before you know them inside. Jeremy and Tiff were great people leave them be stop speculating about what happened, and stop fueling hate for people that deserve love. AgentK go become a super hero or something that's clearly what you want to be, go fight crime rather than staying behind a computer and dropping your words of wisdom... Your a coward, Rest in

  9. I didn't say a word about Sally Habib. I have beef with her brothers not her. Someone said she was facebook friends with Tiffany which is entirely possible. Sally’s brothers are dirt bags. Dale was implicated in a double murder where the charges were stayed even though the people hired to commit the murder named Sally's wonderful brother as the one who hired them to commit the murder. You can stop the bullshit right now thanks. The drugs that are sold by these criminal organizations devastate our communities. Tiffany and Jeremy were murdered. I didn't make that up. I don't believe they were bad people or deserved to die. It clearly wasn't a professional hit. Finding their murderer is in everyone's best interest. Kelly Hayes? Listen to my podcasts and look at all my pictures snowshoeing in the Vancouver mountains. If you had half a brain you’d be dangerous.


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