Sunday, December 13, 2020

China gave Dominion $400 million before the election

NTD is reporting that "A Swiss bank that sent big money to Dominion voting systems’ parent company before the election has ties to China’s intelligence and military agencies, according to publicly-available financial records. Georgia attorney Lin Wood sounded alarm bells over UBS Securities last week. The New York-based subsidiary of Swiss bank UBS sent $400 million to Dominion’s parent company Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on Oct. 8, 2020."

"The subsidiary is closely linked to UBS’s Beijing-based joint venture. There, current and former board members are tied to Chinese communist military and intelligence agencies. In New York, three out of four UBS board members are Chinese. Some board members serve the company in New York and Beijing at the same time." Clever Journeys has the full report.

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