Saturday, December 19, 2020

The 1776 Commission is bringing patriotism back

The White House Press Secretary is reporting that: "Today, the President was delighted to welcome the great Americans he intends to appoint to the 1776 Commission. As our nation approaches its 250th anniversary of glorious Independence, many of America’s school children are tragically being taught to hate our founding, hate our history, and hate our country."

"This must stop. The 1776 Commission will help ensure that every American child learns that they live in the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. That is why it is absolutely vital to teach America’s young people all that is inspiring and unifying in our history. We want our children to become patriots who love their country."

"The 1776 Commission will share the story of our nation’s miraculous founding, proclaim the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence, and explain how these founding principles have helped our people overcome great national challenges throughout our history – and how these principles can guide us to a great American future. All Americans should pay close attention to this work." The Hodge Twins are selling patriotic 1776 Hoodies and T-shirts.

The reason this is important is because the Constitution and everything the founding fathers stood for is currently under attack. Every American pledge allegiance to the flag and the free republic it represents. Americans burning the flag and burning businesses are not patriots. They are domestic enemies of the Constitution. Every public official has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution but many have broken that oath. The Oath Keepers have risen to this challenge.

Evidently Dr Seuss meant 2 of the last 28 fatalities were not in care homes not 2 out of the 587. Yet the federal Covid numbers reveal the fraud for what it is. Covid is an attack on civil liberty.

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