Sunday, September 25, 2022

Surrey Connect Councillor Jack Hundial drops out

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "Surrey Connect Councillor Jack Hundial, quite apparently realizing that he doesn’t have any chance of being re-elected, has decided to drop out as a Council candidate. Quite recently, Locke’s campaign manager John Cameron also quit. He told the VOICE he was working for another campaign in a different municipality now."

"Hundial has become increasingly unpopular, especially in the South Asian community, for ganging up with Surrey Connect Councillor and mayoral hopeful Brenda Locke to sabotage Mayor Doug McCallum. The two got elected by using McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition and then became puppets of the RCMP and started trying to derail the transition to a municipal police force. This was in spite of the fact that they won on Safe Surrey Coalition’s promise to replace the RCMP in Surrey and to build a Surrey Langley SkyTrain."

Shananana, Shananana, Brenda Locke, good bye.


  1. Italy has a new Sheriff in town - whose gonna run the traitorous globalist scum out of town .....

  2. You think the politics are crazy in Surrey? Kelowna now has Dave Habib of the Kingpin Crew and Liquid Zoo running for mayor. I mean he doesn’t even attempt to hide his and his brothers criminal lifestyle. What’s next?

    1. Actually Dave's brother Dale was with the Kingpin Crew but he does own the Liquid Zoo and his candidacy for mayor is absurd.


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