Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Lions from Cypress

I skipped leg day at the gym and went hiking on Cypress today. The parking lot had a ton of cars in it and there were a lot of people on the mountain. Thankfully there are lots of different trails so it wasn't crowded. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. The sky was clear. No smoke from forest firers but it's noticeably cooler. The season is starting to change.
Summer went by way too fast. The seasons seem to be racing by. It's easy to lose track of time. Sky chair is closed for construction. If they don't pick up the pace it's not going to be ready for ski season. They tore down the old chairlift and are putting in a new one on Mount Strachan.

Usually Grouse mountain is the one with all the activity in summer. They have zip lines, the grizzly bear exhibit and the birds of prey show as well as lots of hiking, food and fine dining. Seymour and Cypress is normally just hiking but they have the mountain coaster running on the other side of black mountain on Cypress now. You take a chairlift up and the coaster down.
I pretty much didn't do any kayaking or hiking all summer. Just once on Widgeon creek. I was stuck on the stationary bike in the gym and taking overtime shifts at work. This summer passed me by. However, now that my hip has fully healed I think I'd like to get some back country skis this winter. They're really popular on the glacier at Baker.

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