Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Clinton Jaws on Brenda Lucki's recorded meeting

Clinton Jaws, a retired RCMP officer discusses the existence of a tape recording of the meeting RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki had with senior RCMP investigators where she was accused of manipulating the release of information to support Justin Trudeau's gun control bill. Turns out a recording was made but it no longer exists because it was deleted. Oh really? You mean the evidence that proved she lied has been deleted. Isn't that convenient.

The bottom line is we know what really happened. The testimony of the senior investigators is credible and falls well within the realm of believability. We also know that the mass casualty commission is a farce just like both missing women inquiries were. Their mandate is not to find and reveal the truth to the public. The commission is a cover up. Was anyone asked to explain why the RCMP deposited all that money into Gabe Wortman's bank account? Nope.

The fact that Justin Trudeau had the police commissioner he appointed try to use that tragedy as a rationalization for his overreaching gun control bill leads us to wonder if that was the original motive all along, since there was no othe rmotive for the crime. Yet none of the guns Gabe was accused of using were legally obtained so Justin Trudau's WEF bill does nothing to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring. If anything his removal of mandatory minimum sentences for anyone who actually does commit a mass shooting removes any deterrents in law.

The inquiry did ask the two RCMP officers who shot up a fire hall full of civilians being protected during the tragedy why they shot up the fire hall but it was not asked with the intent of finding the truth. It was asked with the intent of providing an explanation to rationalize what they did. They said we thought we were shooting at Gabe Wortman. That was a lie. They did not. It's also clear they were not shooting at a suspect because of the bullet pattern in the roll up door of the fire hall.

We have dark days ahead but no lie can live forever.


  1. Read an article today which advised one of the problems during the shooting spree was the RCMP did not effectively communicate with the City police. They didn't notify one of the cities that there was a shooter in their area. Seems like the RCMP wanted the whole show to themselves.

  2. LoL


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