Monday, September 19, 2022

Victoria Civic Election and Fake Environmentalism

Victoria is the most important civic elections in BC. The current council's embracement of fake environmentalism banning natural gas from new housing will see utility bills skyrocket like England and Europe. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Fire the freaks. However, it sounds like this is a BC NDP plan as well. That needs to be addressed.

Global fake news is reporting that "No matter how Victoria voters cast their ballots in October, city hall in British Columbia’s capital is in for a shakeup. Mayor Lisa Helps is not running for a third term in the municipal election, leaving the race wide open for current councillors Marianne Alto and Stephen Andrew, who are vying for the top spot." Thank God.

CTV is reporting that "While two current councillors – Marianne Alto and Stephen Andrew – are running for mayor, just one current councillor – Ben Isitt – is seeking re-election."

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