Thursday, September 22, 2022

King Charles III Will Carry On With the Great Reset

The White Rose is reporting that "Those who are deliberately destroying the earth’s ecosystem with geoengineering are pushing their green agenda while forcing people to believe that it is ordinary citizens who are responsible for climate change.

"According to the Telegraph, King Charles III will ‘continue to champion the environment while on the throne’. In other words, he will continue to spread lies and support the depopulation programme, along with the government’s mad Net Zero plans. All under the guise of protecting the planet." That is somewhat concerning.

I had initially thought that Charles's involvement with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic forum was a simple misunderstanding. If he continues to embrace fake environmentalism and the insane agenda behind it, that would be a clear violation of his oath as King.

Dan Dicks reported "According to Westminster Abbey’s Coronation Service Guide The Sovereign takes an oath, swearing to govern faithfully with justice and mercy, to uphold the Gospel, and to maintain the doctrine and worship of the Church of England. In 1953, for the first time, this part of the ceremony ended with the presentation of a Bible, To keep your Majesty ever mindful of the Law and Gospel of God as the rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes."

There's nothing wrong with that oath. It's like the Masonic oath. Freemasons promise to keep lawful secrets they don't promise to keep the crimes of other Freemasons secret. Oh did I go there? I guess I did. After quoting that wonderful oath the King makes, Dan Dicks then declares that King George's "grandfather King George VI was a staunch freemason taking part in countless rituals that go against everything the Gospel stands for." That statement is crazy.

It's amazing how many raging lunatics there are out there trash talking Freemasonry when they have never been through the ritual and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. They are just quoting hearsay which is false. My grandfather was a Freemason. That doesn't mean I'm going to break any covenants to uphold the law. I was a Freemason. I know what oaths are involved in becoming one and I stand as a witness to declare that there is absolutely nothing within Freemasonry that contradicts the King's oath. To claim otherwise is a bold faced lie.

Freemasons believe in God. That's what the G stands for. The G doesn't stand for Satan, Lucifer or Beelzebub. It stands for God. The Great Architect of the universe. The Grand Geometrician so to speak. These erroneous claims are akin to the false belief that the Royal Family are a lizard race of aliens. It is mentally deranged. It is also a distraction from the truth.

Charles' involvement with fake environmentalism is the concern we must address.


  1. Let us hope King Charles III will uphold his oath and personal beliefs as previously stated. The Dutchy of Cornwall is apparently a huge working farm. Charles and the Royals should have plenty of experience and understanding respecting farming. This should include knowledge of what it takes to keep a working farm operating while still being environmentally friendly and affording a profit to make the lifestyle worthwhile. Although I highly doubt any Royal has ever been too concerned about the Dutchy’s profitability or had to work the land personally while worrying about crops, weather, yields, etc.

  2. Charles's past association with Jimmy Savile is deeply concerning. Then there's the video footage of the naked youth climbing out of a Buckingham Palace window using bedsheets tied together. And the legions of royal sex scandals and coverups…. George Washington's letter regarding various Freemasonic lodges having been infiltrated by Jacobin elements is instructive (I'm agreeing with you about the basic soundness of much of Freemasonry).

    1. I have seen a video of a naked adult climbing out of a window of Buckingham palace on a bed sheet. George Washington was a Freemason as was Benjamin Franklin and most of the founding fathers. They were all rock solid.

      Every organization has good and bad. I don't know of any problems with Jacobinism. I know there was one lodge in Italy called Propaganda Due that was infiltrated by the Intelligence community and involved with Operation Gladio. They were bad but Freemasonry in general were not.

  3. The video, which was made to look like a tourist filmed the scene outside Buckingham Palace, appears to show a naked man climbing out of a window with a bedsheet, not a child.

    The video is also not real, it is from a 2015 promotional clip for E!’s “The Royals,” a scripted TV show about a fictional, modern-day British royal family. The show ran from 2015 to 2018.

  4. As for the Brighteon video, it is very interesting but I don't buy it. It comes as no surprise to hear that a Satanist would try and become a Freemason to learn the signs and tokens. However, to become a Freemason you have to have a belief in God. A Satanist could say I believe in God, I just don't worship him, I worship Satan but that would completely violate the intent of Freemasonry. That is not what Masonry teaches.


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