Thursday, September 29, 2022

80 kilos of cocaine seized in Ontario

The Hamilton Hammer is reporting that "A 10-month investigation into a huge $67 million drug ring has seen men from Brampton, Hamilton, Milton, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne and other Ontario locations charged." 80 kilos of cocaine were seized along with pot and tobacco. No one cares about the pot or tobacco but the cocaine is significant. That makes a difference.


  1. The value of the pot FAR outweighs the value of the 80kg of cocaine.

    -A shipment of cannabis weighing 339.5 lbs that was destined for Europe. (estimated value of $1,356,000.00 CDN);
    -22 skids of undeclared tobacco with an approximate weight of 33,000 lbs. (estimated value of $230,000);
    -45,000 cannabis plants and over 20,000 lbs. of processed cannabis (estimated value of $62,792,000.00);
    -80 Kilograms of cocaine (valued at approximately $3,200,000.00) was seized by authorities in Canada and the United States.

    $64,000,000 worth of pot.

    1. Yes it does but pot and tobacco are legal, cocaine is not. Pot and tobacco doesn't wreak havoc on communities like crack and crystal meth does. It's not about the money.

  2. To me it feels like the busts keep getting bigger. I wonder does that mean we are winning or loosing the war on drugs. 🤔

    1. They are getting bigger in all the other provinces. Not in BC. It's not a matter of winning the war on drugs. It's a matter of fighting the good fight and resisting it instead of becoming an accomplice by promoting it.


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