Monday, September 12, 2022

Traffic cop shot dead in Mississauga

A Toronto police officer was shot dead in Mississauga today. The suspect has been arrested. There was also a fatal shooting in Milton and the same suspect appears to have been responsible for that as well. Update: Suspect also dead. Things that make ya go hmm....


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    1. Well that's freaking suspicious:

  2. When the suspect is killed there is no trial in a court of law and we have no way of knowing if the suspect actually did it. Robert Pickton did not act alone. In the Nova Scotia mass shooting all we know is that someone dress up as a police officer driving a police car was shooting people. Killing him without a trial prevented us from finding out if it was in fact him and why the RCMP deposited $475,000 into his bank account before the shooting. In Hudson Brooks case we discovered the police lied about him to cover up their mistake. The female cop accidentally shot herself in the foot when drawing her firearm. Hudson did not shoot her.


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