Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Queen is dead, the King is confused. God save the people.

I am sorry to hear of the Queen's passing. She served that calling well for many years. Normally when the King or Queen dies, they say the Queen is dead, long live the King meaning long live their successor. However, right now there is a huge concern on the table that we must address. It is the elephant in the room. God save the Queen, or in this case, God save the King is the national anthem for England. Only now that prayer has become God save the King from himself and the tyrant he is in bed with. The unofficial anthem for England is Jerusalem.

After all, Charles is a descendant of David and as Moses said, the scepter shall not depart from Judah. Historically, Israel and England have had good kings and bad kings. Robert the Bruce was good. So was Richard the lionheart and Arthur of the round table. Prince John and Edward Longshanks were bad. They were tyrants who oppressed the people.

My surname name is Watson. It means son of Walter named after Walter Buchanan of Scotland. The Watsons are a branch of the Buchanan clan who supported Robert the Bruce. George Buchanan of Stirlingshire "was an eloquent critic of corruption and inefficiency in church and state during the period of the Reformation in Scotland."

I remember reading how George Buchanan was accused of defaming Mary Queen of Scots. His response was simple. What have I said that is not true? Telling the truth is not defamation. I have the legal right to disagree with a trailer trash reporter from Post Media News. That is my God given right and no man can take that right away from me. Likewise, I have the right to disagree with the King of England. That is also my right, so it is. The right of a highlander.

I used to be a passionate advocate for Prince Charles. I liked him and respected him. However, when I see him in bed with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, I feel the same betrayal William Wallace felt in the move Braveheart when Robert the Bruce switched sides.

All I can say is give your head a shake man. Remember the Romanoffs. They were the first the Communists killed. Charles is in bed with the wrong man. We can all see through their fake environmentalism and where they are trying to take us. If Charles supports that, then God help him because we certainly won't. Never mind BREXIT. If Charles embraces the WEF, he will see the Commonwealth crumble right before his very eyes. Scotland is talking about breaking away again. So is Australia. If Charles embraces the WEF, Canada will be next.

All I have to say is don't you realize who you are? You are a son of David. The one who slew Goliath. For God's sake man grow a pair because right now it looks bad. If you fight the World Economic Forum, we will fight and bleed for you but if you embrace them, God himself can't save you. Mark my word. God save the people becasue right now, the King won't.
Update: Someone tried posting a link in the comments to a book that claimed King Charles is the Antichrist. That is absolutely ridiculous. It's like the claim that the royal family are a lizard race of aliens. That kind of flaming stupidity empowers the leftist extremists. All they have to do is say, see what those lunatics believe. Well that is not what I believe because that is ridiculous.

There is no bible prophecy that claims Charles of any king of England is, was or will be the Antichrist. To claim that there is, is a false prophecy. Christ said beware of false prophets. He did not say there would be no more prophets because prophecy is one of the gifts of the spirit.

England has always been a friend of Israel. King James the IV was known as Defender of the Faith while king James VI was the one that commissioned the English translation of the Bible. Charles doesn't have the invasive persuasion to become an Antichrist. Charles is a nice guy. That's not his MO. I'm obviously concerned with Charles' involvement with Klaus Schwab and the WEF but I will explain what I think happened because I do believe it was an innocent mistake.

As I said, Charles is a nice guy. He has dignity and class. He was told to marry Dianna and he did. He obeyed but his heart just wasn't in it. That's because he isn't a dirty old man like his brother Randy Andy. He wasn't running around lusting after little girls. He wanted someone his own age and his own temperament. Dianna was and always will be the Queen of our Hearts. She was young, beautiful, genuine and outgoing. She wasn't as wild as the fun loving Fergie but she was different than Charles. That's not good or bad, that's just a fact.

I do think Dianna had a profound influence on the crown and on Charles. I think Charles wanted to emulate Dianna's passion for charity. He though protecting the environment was safe. That's a good cause everyone can agree on. After all, who wouldn't? Before Covid, none of us knew anything about Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Now we all do. The you'll own nothing and be happy quote has gone viral. We all can now see their real agenda.

The British monarchy is not the one pushing the New World Order. That's the CCP and the WEF along with a few of our dirty politicians. I think Charles picked environmentalism as his charity of choice because he thought it was safe and a good cause. None of us had any idea of the crazy agenda behind fake environmentalist in the name of Climate Change. Now we can all see it.

I am hopeful that King Charles will separate himself from the crazy WEF agenda and embrace something else. Some other good cause. Charles is noble. I think he will.


  1. The link to the wef is maybe worth to save local, have the feeling they will scrap that one day. Including wayback machine backups.

  2. Charlie taking over the throne has been a concern for decades, the man is an inbred twit.

    1. He's a lot better than his brother Randy Andy. However, his support for the World Economic Forum is a colossal concern for everyone.

    2. Yeah, Andy started off an embarrassment and never changed. Mind you he upped his game a bit lately. (sarc)

  3. As for the Cup of Tea book, sorry I don't subscribe to false prophecies. That is ridiculous and is yet another Red Herring.


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