Friday, September 30, 2022

We don't need more Stat holidays

I just want to restate the obvious. We can't keep adding more and more stat holidays indefinitely. At some point we are going to have to draw the line and now is as good a time as any. My employer pays me for 11 stat holidays in the year. That's almost one a month. That's enough. We can negotiate weeks of holidays for years of service but companies have to make a profit.

Politicians love to spend other people's money. Christy Clark made that family day in February. So what happened? I lost my floater and got a fixed day in February. Thanks for nothing Christy.

The Queen just died and they want to make another holiday for her. We can't keep adding stat holidays for every monarch that dies. Charles is in his 70's. We can't make another one for him. It's getting ridiculous. We already have Queen Victoria Day. We could simply make that honour your monarch day. One day to remember all of them. That's good enough.

Today is Truth and Reconciliation Day. Aside from having absolutely nothing to do with Truth or Reconciliation, we can't make another stat holiday for that as well. We already have Labour Day in September and Thanksgiving in October. Adding one for Queen Elizabeth and another for Truth and Reconciliation Day would be three Stat holidays in one month. That is ridiculous. Businesses need to be able to operate. Liberal whack jobs have absolutely no concept of fiscal responsibility. They're determined to keep spending us right into slavery. That is their end game.

Reconciliation mean to reconcile. To restore friendly relations between two estranged parties. I am totally supportive of celebrating aboriginal culture. Chief Dan George, Chief Seattle, there are many noble Aboriginal leaders in history. The Sacred hoop is about bringing all the races of the earth together in harmony. It's not about breaking people up into systematic hatred by rewriting and misrepresenting history. Yet that is what the left is doing to manipulate their agenda.

We have seen that there are no Aboriginal rights is Communist China. Their mistreatment of the Tibetans and the Uyghurs is evidence of that. So listening to Communist China accuse Canada of genocide is somewhat hypocritical as well as false.

Rebel News has a new documentary about the Residential school discovery called Kamloops: The Buried Truth. They claim no bodies have been found. I'm not aware of that but I know they wouldn't make that statement without having some evidence to back that up. I have a different view of the residential school system. I recognize that it was far from perfect but I also recognize that the intent was not malicious. Education is good. Free education is great.

Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Helping Aboriginal leaders become doctors, lawyers and dentists is in everyone's best interest. If England wanted to oppress Aboriginals, they certainly wouldn't be educating them. They would do what the left does and prevent them from getting an education.

Contracting the residential schools out to the Catholic Church might not have been the best thing to do. Many Catholic run private schools in Boston, Ireland and around the world have resulted in a horrific amount of sexual abuse. The Catholic Church does not condone sexual abuse. Pedophiles were drawn to that profession so they could prey on children. Just because a hockey coach sexually abused kids doesn't mean hockey is bad.

I do want to address the genocide accusation because it is simply false and perpetuating that lie breaks the scared hoop it does not mend it. There is a big difference between cultural genocide and actual genocide. We need to vist that. When you sign up for French immersion you just speak French. You don't speak English. That's how that works.

My mother was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia. When she was a little girl her father died of scarlet fever and had to move out west to live with her aunt and uncle because back then everyone was poor. Back in the time of the residential schools infant mortality was very high.

One of the residential school journals recalled how the nuns dressed one of the children who died of tuberculous in a pretty dress and gave them a proper burial. Nuns were volunteers like Mother Teresa. They dedicated their lives to service. We need to remember that.

I don't believe in white privilege, red privileged, black privilege or hereditary privilege. All people are equal regardless of race, colour or creed. That is what I believe and that is what the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees. That is worth defending.

I was born in North Vancouver. That doesn't make me any better than someone who has moved here from somewhere else. We are all equal and we all share this planted. None of us own the planet. We have to learn how to live together without lies, misrepresentation or privilege.

We need to mend the sacred hoop not break it.


  1. I agree with you fully. The Queen means nothing to me and I’ll never wear an orange shirt.

    1. There's thing wrong with an orange shirt. The concern is the extremism that goes along with it. It's like the rainbow sidewalks. There's nothing wrong with LGBT but their is something wrong with MAPs - minor attracted persons. The pink shirts on anti bullying day are worn by the biggest bullies on the planet. The problem is lies and hypocrisy. We need to break free from both.

  2. "Bread and Circuses". They pay you with your own money.

  3. Day of mourning isn’t a stat… it was a one-time federally recognized holiday…

    Love the site

    1. A one-time federally recognized holiday? I'd feel a lot better about that.


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