Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ibrahim Ali's brutal rape and Dr Tracy Pickett's suspicious suicide

Update: Suspicious suicides do exist

The Epoch times is reporting that "The judge in the first-degree murder trial of Ibrahim Ali, who is accused of killing a Burnaby, B.C., teenager six years ago, has told the jury to completely disregard the testimony of a witness who died before the end of her cross-examination. Dr. Tracy Pickett, a sexual assault expert called by the Crown, had not finished testifying when she was found dead on Sept. 28." Wait, what? The expert witness died?

In September CBC reported that "Dr. Tracy Pickett, a Vancouver doctor who was found dead on Thursday. Pickett, 55, went missing from her home in the Dunbar area Tuesday night, according to her family. Vancouver police launched an investigation into her disappearance on Wednesday and said they found her remains in the Southlands neighbourhood Thursday."

"Pickett was an emergency physician and a specialist in emergency and clinical forensic medicine who has testified in criminal trials. She had testified at a high-profile sexual assault and murder trial the day she went missing. She was due to testify again Thursday, but did not show up." Yet some how her death is not suspicious. AYFKM?

Medical doctors don't randomly commit suicide in the middle of a high profile case.

She testified that the little girl was brutally raped. She's going to want to finish that testimony. "Crown witness and RCMP forensic biologist Christine Crossman testified last week that only the DNA of Ali and the girl was detected from swabs of her vaginal area, where sperm cells matched Ali's DNA." The POS raped her. He brutally raped a little girl.

He's a Syrian refugee only he doesn't speak Arabic, he speaks Kurdish that means he's from the CIA backed rebels in the north who are the terrorists Syrians complained to Tulsi Gabbard that were raping and torturing people in Syria. Now all of a sudden the expert witness is dead.
He brutally raped her but he didn't kill her. That fails the test of believability. The defense claims there is no evidence now that the expert witness is dead. The DNA evidence is indisputable.

I think the family wants justice. Nothing will bring their daughter back but letting this CIA asset off for a brutal rape and horrific murder would be an abomination. People are rioting in Dublin over this. There's good and bad in every society. I'm all for legal immigration but we need to screen out the criminals and predators because people like this reoffend.

I knew about the DNA evidence from the rape kit on day one. I couldn't publish it until the jury heard that evidence on court. I was waiting for Drea to announce it since she was covering the trial but I must have missed it since other media outlets finally picked up on it. Here's her report on it. The DNA evidence from the rape kit is indisputable.


  1. RUFKM…. Ditto! When I first read this death of the witness I thought… thats odd… makes no sense. And now the courts dismissing what testimony she did give is even more odd. Yes, I get she was not around to be “crossed” but that shouldn’t negate her evidence. The law/courts treat jurors and “reasonable people” as if they’re stupid. Like us “reasonable, law abiding” Canadians can’t decipher and process legal processes. The courts and law has gotten so out of touch with “common law/sense” that the system is no longer FOR the People but serves to showcase the lawyers, judges and politicians. The legal language, the court rules and technicality defences are all out of order!

    1. Her suicide is clearly suspicious because that was her career. She testified in sexual assault cases. Since this case was so brutal, she's definitely want to finish her testimony. However, the court threw it out because her cross examination wasn't finished. That means the crown should have called another expert witness that could be cross examined.

  2. When we live in a society that is scared to call out scumbags because they may be Muslim or a new immigrant or a person of color or all 3, for fear of being labled then this will be allowed to occur again.
    Canada's immigration policy is corrupted.
    For years it was a wonderful and accountable system that allowed the country to flourish. Those days have long since passed and we're all too scared to admit it.

    1. SOGI 123 is a great example of this. Why do they teach it to children? What academic relevance does it have in the real world?

    2. Exactly. SOGI is for the perverts & pedophiles… period!

  3. Every month there is a new sexual assault case in Halifax, the Arab cab drivers sexually assault their customers

    1. Wow, that appears to be an ongoing problem in Halifax - Lesianu Zewdie Hweld, Marwan Al Ali, Bassam Al-Rawi, Mearig Fasil Markos, Franco Felice Mahemud, Seyed Abolghasem Sadat Lavasani Bozor, Ahror Mamadiev: "Defence attorney Ian Hutchison highlighted Al-Rawi’s current immigration status and the repercussions of a harsh sentence on his current businesses and financial situation."


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