Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Civilians leaving Gaza escorted by Israeli tanks - Update

Update: Some civilians have chosen to stay in their home. Sadly the Israeli army will kill them.

12 civilians have died from dehydration in the caravan that surrendered their homes in Gaza.

Palestine Red Crescent Society

This is not about Hamas. This is a land grab justified by a false flag attack they let happen.

This is forced eviction. It is not Zionism, it is Expansionism and Expropriation. That's Communism. When the government seizes your property by force. This is simply armed robbery. This land was not given to David. This is not your land. God has not given it to you. You have stolen it through treachery and deceit. History has recorded that and the world has seen it.
An now for the counter balance. An American Palestinian from Gaza said: "Americans can identify with being at a music festival (part of our normal life), so they see themselves in the victims who were gunned down there. But they can't identify with being stuck in a concentration camp of 2 million people that's besieged by an apartheid government for decades."

OK hold on a second. There is no possible rationalization for the Hamas attack on the music festival. None. If you support that you will lose you land. That's all there is to it. That attack was inexcusable. There are many legitimate concerns about that attack that are worth noting. The IDF turned their backs and let it happen. If the IDF didn't stand down, there would be no hostages.

This whole pity party about a stone prison is a fallacy. Israel pulled out and gave you autonomy. As soon as they did that you started firing rockets into heir territory so they built a wall to protect themselves from you. You call that a prison but it's a prison of your own making. You want their land because you think it's yours. Well it's not. They want your land because they think it's theirs. Well it's not. You're both a bunch of spoilt brats who refuse to share.

Picture God as a loving father who wants to be fair. He has two kids that fight all the time. Obviuosly he doesn't want them to fight. In any dispute he will try to be fair and keep the peace. One side is rarely all right and the other side is rarely all wrong. Each side has valid concerns that need to be addressed but both side are also consumed with jealousy and greed. That is haram on both sides. As we all aspire for something higher we need to set aside our jealousy and greed.

The Oslo accord found the perfect balance. Israel has a right to exist and Palestine has a right to exist. Both sides need to recognize that and set aside their petty need to wipe the other side off the face of the earth. Israel's greed has been eroding the Palestinian settlements in West bank. That is haram. Yet so is Gaza's obsession with firing rockets into Israel. You both need to stop it.

God has commanded Israel to vex not the stranger that sojourneth with thee and reminded them that they were once slaves in Egypt.

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  1. It's being reported on TV news that Reuters and the Associated Press acquired footage and stills of the attack from "freelancers with whom they did not have a previous relationship" and that they have now severed all ties. If they didn't have a previous relationship, what ties were there to be severed? There is an old saying in the news business, "If it bleeds, it leads".


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