Saturday, November 11, 2023

Solemn Reflection on Remembrance Day 2023

Update: News from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society

"The Canadian Red Cross shares the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s deep concerns about the humanitarian consequences of the escalating conflict in the Middle East and the impacts on civilian populations. Our message is clear, under International Humanitarian Law, civilians must not be targeted. When military powers order people to leave their homes, all possible measures must be taken to ensure the population has access to basic necessities such as food and water, and that members of the same family are not separated."

"The instructions issued by the Israeli authorities for the population of Gaza City to immediately leave their homes, coupled with the complete siege explicitly denying them food, water, and electricity, are not compatible with International Humanitarian Law."

"Canadians wishing to make a donation to the Middle East Humanitarian Crisis appeal can do so online at or by calling 1-800-418-1111." I support the Red Cross.
Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis


Today is a dark day. The mist of darkness has engulfed us. Last night we had a wind storm in Surrey and the power went out. In times of darkness we need to find a flashlight and light a candle. Leslyn Lewis is reporting that "This week, Canadians from coast to coast will join in Remembrance. We will stand together to honour those who gave of themselves in service to our country. Those whose lives were lost in defence of our liberty. Those who stood up to tyranny in the pursuit of freedom and for the safety of people around the world."

"We take time, and gather, to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and pay respect to those who served and continue to serve and defend our freedoms to this day. These brave men and women represent the best of us."

"Without their service and sacrifice our country wouldn’t be what it is today. Our soldiers braved the worst type of warfare, only yards away from the enemy, in trenches, facing cold and disease. Yet they found the strength to fight on and find victory beyond what many thought possible."

"Our national identity was forged in the mud and trenches at Vimy, and it was solidified on the beaches of Normandy as a country and a people willing, determined, and capable to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the freedoms we hold dear and the safety of those we love."

Everything she said was true. Only times have clearly changed. The two current conflicts in Gaza and the Ukraine are engulfed with lies as have been the most recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. As we speak, Israel is blowing up hospitals and schools in Gaza shooting everyone left in Gaza who refused to leave their home and objected to Israel's land grab while the world does nothing. The world will eventually retaliate but for the wrong reasons.

Israel has stolen the land in Gaza through treachery and deceit. This was not God's will. This is the pride cycle once again beginning to unfold. Israel is doing what they have wanted to do ever since the Russian spy vessel recorded their false flag attack on the USS Liberty ordered by President Johnston after the assassination of JFK. The land grab in Gaza will empower Israel. The mistreatment of Palestinians in West bank and the erosion of their land will continue until the theft is complete in violation of their covenant and the commandments.

Pride cometh before the fall and great shall be the fall thereof. Ben David will indeed come but he will not come until Israel has been conquered by the Dragon and the Bear because Israel has broken their covenant. No matter how abominable Israel's pride becomes, I will never, ever take up arms against Israel. I will simply record my dissent and watch the prophecies be fulfilled.

When one day eventually all the armies of the world gather and conquer Israel putting Jerusalem under seize we will revisit this discussion and I will say "Are you ready to listen yet?" Until then, mind how you go. God is watching all of us and today is a dark day in our history.


  1. First thing I did when this kicked off, was research the exact history of that area, going back thousands of BC. Bottom line is that the Jews have the right to all of that land (ancient Judea, Galilee, etc...). "Phillistines" were from Greece and Crete, they were not Arabs. The only reason the following names exist: Palaestra, Philistia, Phillistine (= modern use of 'Palestine') - is because Roman Emperor Hadrian wanted to wipe Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish history from the record and renamed the area for the earlier Philistine people in Canaan, in about 135 AD. Muslims in the area? LOL - Islam wasn't invented until ~700 AD

    Todays 'Palestinians' are just displaced Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, or Syrians...and none of those countries want them back.

    1. I agree the Palestinians are not the original inhabitants of that land but neither are the Jews, the Philistines are. Which brings us back to the fact that this is a land grab and it has nothing to do with a false flag attack or hostages they let them take.


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