Tuesday, November 14, 2023

BC Conservatives voice doctor's concerns over Bill 36

These aren't a bunch of ANTIFA meth heads on welfare. These are medical doctors, professionals in their field, voicing a legitimate concern that affects all of us. Bill 36 is insane. Dr Steven Pelech explained a bit about Bill 36 in my interview with him. Dr Pelech is a UBC professor. He's a virologist. He expressed two huge concerns with the BC NDP's Bill 36.
Remember the Doctors on Tour in BC? Medical doctors who defied the threats and boldly declared the truth about Covid and the Rna Covid vaccines. Well Bonnie Henry and Bill 36 not only wants to censor medical opinions, she wants to add outrageous fines and put people in jail for proving she lying by citing evidence based research. That is insane but that is exactly what Bonnie Henry and the BC NDP are trying to do.

Not only that but they have completely changed how the college of physicians and surgeons is structured. Under the old system, the College consisted of medical professionals in the field elected by their peers. Under the new system it's not a medical profession in the field and they are no longer elected by their peers. Now they are appointed by Bonnie the Freak Henry. That is insane. This is where we need to see the push back. Right here, right now.


  1. If everyone says no, they will be powerless. It wouldn't take more than a week of no doctors, no nurses, etc. if that. Plus they can all agree not to treat Bonnie Henry at all, ever, for anything. She would need to leave the province for even basic medical care.

    Being subversive in the cause of freedom is awesome. These woke lefty bitch freaks think they know what empowerment feels like, but they don't. "All for one and one for all". These people are nothing and nobody unless we allow it, as unfortunately we have been. We don't need them. We can take their so called power over us more quickly and completely than we realize. "Just say no to dopes".

  2. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/100-officers-deployed-after-trudeau-surrounded-at-vancouver-restaurant-1.6646074


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