Thursday, May 25, 2023

Bonnie Henry is a Punitive B*tch

Lets analyze the data and see what that whack job is really up to. April 6th 2023 Bonnie the Freak Henry made yet another Health Order. She decreed that all Health Care Practitioners and anyone training to become a Health Care Practitioner must bow to the Genetic RNA Covid vaccines despite the fact that the World Health Organization has declared the pandemic over.

We now know when viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu. As a result many doctors admitted that Omicron was the perfect vaccine the pharmaceutical companies couldn't make. As we know, the vaccine does not prevent infection or transition and natural immunity lasts a lot longer than the RNA vaccine.

So where is the emergency? There is none. The only emergency that exists is the manufactured emergency Bonne Henry created in our Health Care System. That April 6th Health Order was punative but it get much worse. In my interview with Dr Steven Pelech last night he explained how Bill 36 has completely changed how the College of Physicians and Surgeons Operates.

Under the old system medical experts were elected by their peers who were specialists in the field. Bill 36 changed all that. Now they are appointed by the government. No more elections. In the US Medical experts have testified before the Senate that the largest source of Medical Misinformation during the Pandemic was the government.

Bill 36 doesn't just censor Medical opinions, it criminalizes them. Bonnie Henry will now put medical doctors in jail for disagreeing with her. That is pure evil. The intent of Bill 36 is to fine and imprison medical doctors who spread Covid Misinformation. Since Bonnie Henry and the Government have been the largest source of Covid Misinformation, then Bill 36 would require her to go to jail for spreading that false information. Sadly, that's not going to happen. In realty, medical doctors will go to jail for telling the truth. Gulag here we come.

It's kind of like parliament only worse. It is considered unparliamentary to call a member of parliament a liar. You can get kicked out if you do. If a member of parliament is lying and another member confronts that lie, the member who confronts the liar will be kicked out instead of the member who fabricated the lie. So in reality, Parliament is one of the few places on earth you can get kicked out of for telling the truth. Likewise, if a medical doctor tells the truth and exposes lies in the narrative, they will go to jail for telling the truth. That is completely unacceptable.

Bonnie Henry and Teresa Tam are patting themselves on the back for lockdowns and oppressive Covid measures that were completely ineffective and economically cripling. In Contrast the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration that opposed lockdowns were professors from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. Bonnie Henry wants to put them in jail. Likewise, over 60,000 medical doctors were cosigners to the Great Barrington Declaration that denounced lockdowns and oppressive Covid measures. Bonnie Henry wants to put them all in jail. She has completely lost her mind. We need to fire Bonnie Henry and put Deena Hinshaw in her place. We also need to solve the BC Health Care crisis by lifting the vaccine mandate. That is what we need to do.
Last night Dr Steven Pelech made an interesting observation. He said up until now, the courts haven't even been admitting evidence based research. They have simply taken the Public Health Authority's word without questioning it. Bill 36 will change all that. If Bonnie Henry starts imprisoning medical doctors for telling the truth, the courts will be forced to hear evidence based research in their trial. That means the tide will finally turn on this ridiculous lie.


  1. Very disturbing indeed..

  2. I have a feeling the courts will eventually figure out Bonnie is a BS.
    Science is global, not just BC dictator over the world of COVID.

    1. Indeed. The rest of the world is going forward but Bonnie Henry and the BC NDP are going backward.

  3. Coming from the person who said "Tiny droplets" and only years later admitted it was airborne. According to her law she should be in jail?

  4. Dear Commie Henry .....

    The Amish would like you to know you’ve been fooled by the Vaccine Pushers .....


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