Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dr Simone Gold and Americas Frontline Doctors

As I was listening to some of the testimonies at the National Citizens' Inquiry I had a few flashbacks and remembered a series of chronological events that reveal a huge cover up. Anita Krishna was talking about how Global Television wasn't saying a word about Covid treatment. Instead of investigating possible treatments, they went on a witch hunt misrepresenting them.

India had a huge Covid outbreak in a densely populated area. They successfully overcame it with hydroxychloroquine. That's what scientists call an experiment. Instead of reporting that the fake news misrepresented it and demonized it. The same with Ivermectin. The fake news defamed and misrepresented Joe Rogan for mentioning it.

They straight up lied and said he took a pig dewormer. Ivermectin is used to treat human parasites. It works so well they also use it on livestock just like penicillin. Just because they also use penicillin on animals does not mean it is not mean for humans. The fake news consistently lied and said Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were unsafe. That was a bold faced lie. They could arguably say it doesn't help Covid but they had no right to say it was not safe. That was false and they knew it. Their lie had an agenda behind it.

This brings us back to Dr Simone Gold and the two press conferences America's Frontline doctors had that the fake news refused to cover. The first press conference was in Washington, the second Press conference was in Texas.

This was a coalition of medical doctors that said they had all conducted an experiment. They said they hard treated Covid patients with Hydroxychloroquine and had great success with it. That is newsworthy. Burying that and demonizing that revealed a political agenda.

After all, we were told that even if lockdowns saved one life they'd be worth it. Using that same argument, even if Hydroxychloroquine saved one life it would be worth it but it wasn't. They had an agenda and an ulterior motive. Dr Hoffe said never before has medicine told sick patients to go home and we'll start treatment when your symptoms are so bad you're hospitalized. That was a new outrageous president. Especially when ventilators did more harm than good.

The medical censorship was obsessive and it still is. Thankfully, the push back has been consistent but it has come at a cost. On that note I present you Dr Simone Gold, lawyer, doctor and champion of Justice with Americas Frontline Doctors.

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