Friday, May 5, 2023

Post Media's Covid fake news Time Warp

I recently mentioned my cynicism of the fake's news' coverage of China's election interference in Canada. The fake news misrepresents everything, why are they all of a sudden reporting on that if not to misrepresent it. After all, the fake news misrepresented Covid, they misrepresented the Truckers convoy, they misrepresent anything and everything that opposes the WEF's insane agenda to force their brand of hijacked Communism down our throats.

In the last part of my recent video blog on the Dragon and the Bear I talked about the media's misrepresentation of the conflict in the Ukraine. Then yesterday out of the blue Post Media News does the time warp and started making ridiculous statements about Covid deaths right before summer. This is the Vancouver Sun now owned by Post Media News.

The Vancouver Sun used to be really credible. Post Media News has turned it into another cheap tabloid promoting the WEF narrative. We all know how medical opinions were censored during Covid. We all saw how medical concerns about the harmful effects of synthetic rna vaccines were censored. Now as the world finally wakes up about the reality of the real science Post Media News does the time warp and starts repeating ridiculous claims we all know are false.

During the pandemic overall death rates did not rise. That's because they kept misclassifying Covid deaths. Everyone who died of the flu didn't die of the flu they died of Covid. During covid deaths from the flu dropped to zero.

Likewise deaths from heart disease and Cancer significantly dropped because they misclassified deaths from cancer as Covid deaths. Then after the rna vaccine rollout the overall death rates began to rise. Even Fox News misrepresented the hospitalization rates. That means the credibility of the mainstream media is lost and we need to seek out alternate news sources.

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  1. Typical media response, print the headline in bold, and declare the sky is falling. I'm ashamed of how many people just laid down and allowed their human rights to be violated.


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