Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Contraband cigarettes in BC

CTV is reporting that "A sophisticated cigarette trafficking operation was busted in B.C.’s Okanagan over the weekend, Mounties say. West Kelowna RCMP revealed Tuesday that a search warrant had been executed at a residence on Webber Road on April 29, resulting in the seizure of 3,031 cartons of illegal cigarettes—or 30,310 packs." Oh know, scarey. "The provincial government does not allow individual consumers to legally possess more than 1,000 grams of tobacco, or five cartons worth." Why not? This is a complete waste of time.

Nobody cares about contraband cigarettes. Just like nobody cares about contraband pot. Obsessing over that is a waste of tax dollars. We need to confront hard drugs and violent crime. That has a significant impact on communities. Pot and cigarettes don't.

What the hell is with that crossbow? That's a novelty item. You don't see anyone robing Macs with a crossbow or shooting a rival drug dealer with a cross bow.


  1. The man wants his cut of the tax dollar ! In Manitoba they a a triple tax when caught & convicted. Accused must pay the tax on the total amount not once, not twice but thrice !!! Just another money grab by the biggest crime syndicate in the world… government

  2. Govt doesnt like competition


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