Sunday, May 14, 2023

A discussion about Motherhood on Mother's day

OK so today's Mother's Day. I don't really have a message prepared as I've been running around filming for my last video blog before I start interviewing new guests. However, there is something we should talk about. What is a mother? Are we allowed to answer that? Of course we are. It's like that movie where someone asked a group of people what is a woman and no one was able to answer. It kind of shows how we've crossed over into just plain stupid.

We could just as easily be fearful of offending someone as we try to define motherhood. It shows you how utterly ridiculous the spoilt brat extremists have become. We need to stop catering to extremism. Some people you will never please no matter what you do and that's OK. The Mother of all spin doctors is reporting that "First, liberals canceled Christmas. Then, Thanksgiving. Now, they’re throwing Mother’s Day out with the trash. At least, that’s how Fox News sees it."

Actually that's the way I see it and they're not Liberals, they're Communists. Tara Henley was a Liberal when she started working for the CBC. She was left of centre. Now she's considered Right Wing because the CBC is now on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Tara Henley's political view didn't change the CBC did along with Mother Jones and all the other Mainstream trash.

Motherhood is sacred and honorable. The Communists, not the Liberals are trying to destroy Motherhood because they are trying to destroy the family which is the core unit of society. If they can destroy the family they can destroy the society. I shouldn't really even call them Communists because the World Economic Forum aren't really Communist they are something else.

They're something else alright. They're bat sh*t crazy. Only there is a method to their madness. There is a dark agenda behind their mission. CTV is reporitng that "Mother’s Day drag brunch focuses on love, positivity and inclusivity in Riverview, NB." You people are lying mental cases. There is nothing loving or inclusive in their message. Their lies are an attack on Motherhood.

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