Sunday, May 21, 2023

Weekly Reality update from WHF Entertainment

The NYC ER doctors said Ventilators did more harm than good at the time.

Then there was the manakins and the empty hospitals.

The Natives in the Pacific Northwest had slaves but they were not cannibals and they did not perform human sacrifice. That was the Mayas in Central America. Completely different group.



    1. I have never heard that before. I know slavery was practiced among the natives in the Pacific Northwest and that fact has been hidden. That's why the Natives in Fort Langley got along so well with the fur traders. The fur traders had gun and protected them from other tribes that would raid them and kidnap slaves. I met a Tofino war chief that said they were able to defend themselves against a much larger tribe invading from down south because the white man gave them guns to defend themselves.

      I'm not saying cannibalism never existed here, I'm just saying that's the first I've heard of it. Cannibalism is something you would normally associate with the headhunters in the Pacific Islands. Everywhere you go there is good and bad. Rewriting history does not change that. We need to embrace the good and oppose the evil.

  2. We need to embrace the history for what it was.

    We can learn from it.

    But this nation state of victimhood has to end.

    It allows for the lazy and mentally unstable to plot our course ahead.

    1. Indeed. As Candace Owens stated in her book Blackout, the left preaches victimization so they can continue to oppress them and turn them into slaves.


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