Saturday, May 20, 2023

Medical censorship in BC


  1. Wow, AYFKM… disappointed in the NDP and Eby. Is it just me or are we turning our country into a nanny-state? I believe its slowing eroding into totalitarianism and our soldiers who fought and died for those freedoms are now being dishonoured. I’ve watched the last 1/2 century as the people of this country continue to put the government in charge of every aspect of our lives because those do-gooders can’t figure anything out so they pressure the “government” to “solve” all our issues, social and political. And so, when you hand over your power and authority to governments, they will gladly take over for control of everything, right or wrong - its all about control and taking our FREEDOMS…. how do we begin to take our country back?

  2. Main stream media are reporting that “BC is training 186 family doctors.”
    More propaganda from Dix & Co. giving the public an elusion that all is well on the medical front. Wonder if these 186 potential physicians are aware of the potential harm they enter? Hope they speak to the current practitioners and get an understanding that their services would be appreciated in another province, certainly not BC.

  3. It will go further than that, the Americans are already moving to using large numbers of "P.A." Physicians Assistants and "N.P." Nurse Practitioners to supplement M.D.'s, right now it might be one PA working directly in the MD's practice but Big Medicine is already talking about one MD supervising multiple PA working at other locations. How that supervision occurs? No idea. They will try it here too, you know they will.Take a dysfunctional system like we have here in B.C. run by politicians rather than actual health care professionals with degrees and implement an idea like that? In theory it could improve access to healthcare, especially in remote area's that currently have little or none. But we all know the people running the show right now will find a way to mess that up for the rest of us. They specialize in either coming up with bad idea's, or turning good ones into bad. Name the last good idea local or provincial government came up with. Yeah, me too. It appears good idea's and getting them done is not something we get in return for our tax dollars anymore, and it's been a while since we have. I'm not talking about highway repair, I'm talking "direction" and "standards". "Anything goes" is how you get "safe injection" anywhere, never mind Yaletown which used to be populated by gentrified Yuppies.


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