Thursday, May 25, 2023

Dr Steven Pelech: Covid Misinformation

Our next guest on the Gangstersout Podcast and Video Blog is Dr Steven Pelech who is a professor at UBC and is the Co Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. He is intelligent and sensible. He discusses the differences between traditional vaccines and the Covid vaccines and expresses some of his concerns about how the risks of the Covid vaccine outweigh the benefits at this point. He was one of the many medical doctors that testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. This video put out by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance explains the real definition of efficacy which he mentioned in our interview.

The Podcast is posted on Spotify and the video of our interview is posted on Gan Jing World.

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  1. The Amish would like you to know you’ve been fooled by the Vaccine Pushers .....


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