Monday, May 29, 2023

Danielle Smith wins majority in Alberta Election

True North is reporting that "United Conservative Party leader Danielle Smith has won the Alberta Provincial election and will continue as the next Premier of Alberta. The UCP finished ahead in the race gaining 52 seats while Rachel Notley’s NDP scraped by with 35 seats."

"During her speech, Smith said she is looking forward to continuing her work in balancing the province’s budget, increasing funding in healthcare and education and challenging the Trudeau government’s carbon tax as premier of Alberta. Smith promised to introduce legislation that would ensure that no government can increase personal taxes or taxes on job creators without a referendum." Fiscal responsibility with low taxes creates a climate where business can thrive.

"Despite concerns over Election Alberta’s plan to use electronic tabulators earlier in the campaign, the evening’s vote count went smoothly as paper ballots were preserved." Preserving paper ballots for a legal recount is essential. Alberta is poised to move forward.


  1. Paper ballots keep things honest.

    It takes a great deal more effort to skew and election with paper ballots than it does with electronic voting.

  2. whew...... Albertians had us worried for a minute

    1. Yeah that whole claim it was going to be close was kind of ridiculous.


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