Friday, May 5, 2023

Kelowna Rally in support of the Freedom Convoy

Speaking of support for the Freedom Convoy, here's an interesting story coming out of Kelowna. On January 29th 2022 there was a huge rally in Kelowna supporting the Truckers Freedom convoy to Ottawa. This link is a list of videos documenting the support rallies in Kelowna that you didn't see on Post Media News or on CBC. This is why we need independent media.

Turns out one cop decided to target a guy filming the rallies. As the January 29th rally was winding down, an overzealous RCMP officer decided to harass the guy filming the event. The cop knocks on the door of the RV and demands to see his drivers license. The occupant refused stating he had no just cause to demand to see his drivers license. He was right, the cop had no grounds. I would have provided it to him just to avoid the subsequent pissing match that resulted. Nevertheless, the whole point of the rally was to object to having our rights taken away. Therefore I do believe the occupant of the RV was indeed justified in his position.
June 23rd 2023 he will be in Kelowna court at 11:30 AM disputing one of two tickets he was given for filming the rally on January 29th 2022. The public is welcome to attend. There's a little bit of a story behind the events that led up to the court case which he has documented on his YouTube channel. He was given one ticket on January 29th 2022. Then when he showed up at court Dec 14, 2022 to dispute the ticket the cop gave him another ticket back dated to January 29th 2022 along with an interesting and bizarre cease and desist letter.

In the cease and desist letter the cop is demanding the independent reporter take down the cops picture from his YouTube channel and refrain from posting the cops name. The thing is, the independent reporter didn't say anything untrue. The public has a right to document police conduct. When a member of the public asks for the cops name and badge number, he is supposed to give it to them. Documenting the cops refusal to do so becomes evidence of misconduct and most certainly does not constitute defamation.

Then the bullying begins. The letter states he will be seeking $1,000.00 a day damages for every day the videos remain posted on YouTube. Just because he intends on asking a judge for that does not mean a judge will actually grant him that. It would be a bizarre leap into the Twilight Zone if a judge ever said anything in those videos were unlawful.

This is why people don't like cops, especially traffic cops. It's also the reason Police on Guard was created. Not all cops are bad. I've tried to balance the extremes on my blog. The Freedom Rallies do not support the Defund the Police movement. Yet when cops do stuff like this, it's really irritating. It diminishes public trust. The Cease and Desist letter is simply a bully playing the victim. Leave the guy alone. Let him film the rallies. We need independent media. Do you really think Justin Trudeau cares about cops? Not a chance. You need to wake up and smell the coffee.

This was a huge rally in support of the Convoy at the Truck border Crossin in Surrey.


  1. A cop pushing a civil suit for filming him and putting it YouTube. What a snowflake.

  2. Erbes is known around Kelowna to be a Subpar Police Officer.


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