Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Your vote actually does matter. A lot.

A couple of trolls have been trying to post comment's that discourage people from voting by claiming that it doesn't matter who you vote for, they're all bad. That is simply not true. It most certainly does matter who you vote for. That's why the fake news is so obsessed with lying to you - so they can sway your vote. I can now enter the United States without a vaccine passport. Why is that? It's because the Republicans took the house. That vote mattered. If they didn't take the house vaccine passports would still be in place at the border.

During the pandemic Florida and Texas were the first States to open. The fake news said they were crazy. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Covid cases and deaths did not rise. In science that's what you call an experiment. You conduct and experiment and observe what happens. Bonnie the Freak Henry was defiantly trying to lock us down when Florida and Texas had full stadiums of maskless customers and nothing bad happened. That test proved Bonnie Henry is a Freak and we should not listen to a word that comes out of her mouth.

All the people who voted Republican in Texas and Florida during the pandemic saved the world from the biggest fraud in recorded history. Their vote mattered and believe you me so does ours.

Having said that, I want to address some of the absurd defamation about Pierre Poilievre. Someone recently forwarded me some ridiculous nonsense claiming that Pierre Poilievre is a WEF puppet. I said that's absurd and asked for their source. Then they send me a video of Chris Sky. I was like AYFKM? Chris Sky is a raging lunatic. He trashes everyone who doesn't worship him. Chris Sky was trashing and defaming Maxime Bernier and Randy Hiller simply because they didn't want him to speak at their rally given the fact that he does hold some extreme opinions.

So before we dive in to Pierre Poilievre, let us recognize that Chris Sky trashes Maxime Bernier as well as Pierre Poilievre. That's important. Rebel News had Chris Sky on and David Menzies gave him the opportunity to respond to the allegations from the mainstream media that Chris was a Holocaust denier. Instead of taking the opportunity to confront the lie and explain his position he threw a temper tantrum and said F*ck Rebel News. David Menzies was noticeably shocked by Chris' over reaction and clarified that he was simply giving Chris the opportunity to tell his side. Chris kept raging like a lunatic and ended up confirming the allegation himself.

I was like AYFKM? Chris Sky just admitted he was a Holocaust denier. Not only that but he raged on Rebel news for giving him the opportunity to say he wasn't. The moral of the story is don't quote Chris Sky for anything. Chris Sky trashes Maxime Bernier and Pierre Poilievre.

Pierre Poilievre is NOT a WEF puppet. He constantly denounces the WEF. All his policies oppose the WEF agenda. Claiming that he isa WEF is a lie. Stand with any man as long as he stands right and part with him when he goes wrong. IF Pierre Poilievre IF changes his position AFTER he is elected and starts to embrace WEF policies, THEN we address that WHEN it happens not IF he might. Pierre Poilievre was not my first choice as leader. He was my third choice after Leslyn Lewis and roman Barber. I saw him as a scrapper and he is.

I wanted someone like Leslyn Lewis to take the higher road but Pierre Poilievre consistently humiliates Justin Trudeau all the time. He's a good fit. It's working. Not only that but he has also united the party. I did not like Stephen Harper and I don't like Harper supporters. I did not like Peter MacKay. Yet I do like Pierre Poilievre who has the support of Stephen Harper. That means Stephen Harper and I finally agree on something. Erin O'Toole was a Globalist. He was the wrong direction but Pierre Poilievre is the right choice to take us over the top. I do support him.


  1. This next election may very well be one of the most important elections in the last 100 years. Canada must oust Trudeau if we have any hope of continuing to live in a democratic society. Too many do not vote at all and then criticize government. Make your vote count!

  2. PP for PM. I agree. I first encountered Pierre a few years back, when he was finance critic and he did a YouTube Christmas “message” and his humour was so funny I played his stream a few times.
    All I’m hearing from Pierre is good stuff. Common sense stuff and some real decisions for democracy and our freedoms to be returned!
    I tell all those negative voters that it only matters that you vote! Close your eyes & pick if you must, but PICK!

    1. I think people need to use their brain and not roll the dice.

  3. Close your eyes and pick?

    Fck me how do you think we ended up in this mess!

    Maybe spend 5 mins less with your head up your ass and read some of their policies??

    The days of nonesense of he's so good looking or he'll legalize weed or he's the closest thing we have to a Canadian Ruling family have long since passed.

    Let us learn from our recent history.

  4. Conservatives
    Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he'll propose laws to protect LGBTQ Canadians and would support giving them the same rights as other Canadians when it comes to donating blood.

    1. And your point is? I'm not anti LGBT. I'm anti child grooming and pedophelia.

  5. Pierre Polievre a member of World Economic Forum? An associate of WEF? Compromised by WEF? do NOT know... what I DO know is that John Baird sits on the board of WEF operator EurAsia Group along with Gerald Butts and Mrs. Mark Carney... John Baird brought the WEF to Canada when he was a Harper MP... Baird also brought Canada to the Paris Climate Accord and got Harper to sign on to the WEF/UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development plan. John Baird is Polievre's manager and closest confidante.

    1. Leslyn Lewis sets the record straight: https://leslynlewis.ca/blog/lets-talk-about-the-wef/


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