Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Catherine Austin Fitts on Centralization and the end of Financial Transaction Freedom

The reason this testimony is so significant is because Catherine Austin Fitts is no tin foil hat. She is completely credible and is very knowledgeable when it comes to business. She goes back to Narco dollars and the tapeworm economy. She is very insightful. As are all the medical doctors that testified at the National Citizens Inquiry. They are all credible and courageous.

The fake news likes to divide and conquer. If it was one doctor, they'd call him a quack. When it's a coalition of doctors, that's medical censorship. Those are the people the BC NDP want to put in jail with their new bill. That is completely insane. The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration were professors from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. That is credible as are all the cosigners. The NDP are going to have to build some more prisons if they want to imprison all of them.

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