Wednesday, May 31, 2023

South Korea receives another nuclear false alarm

December 30th 2022, South Korea launched a solid fuel rocket as a test run for launching a satellite. Only they forgot to tell the public so everyone in Seoul who were filming the night launch on their phones thought they were getting nuked. They should have told the public first.

Well yesterday the people who live in Seoul had another scare. Everyone received warnings on their phones that said national disaster. Evacuate the city immediately. Then when they all went rushing outside they heard over loudspeakers "This is not a drill." Needless to say, people were scared. Turns out North Korea had also launched a test rocket for a satellite. Only North Korea did tell South Korea beforehand. So the Alert was human error. Better safe than sorry.

I kinda want to address the way the media is misrepresenting things. Last December South Korea's rocket launch was a test. They didn't actually launch a satellite, they conducted a "successful" test of a rocket that could launch a satellite sometime in the future. Yesterday, North Korea did the exact same thing only the media called it a failed attempt to launch a spy satellite.

I'm not a fan of North Korea's political system but for God's sake maybe for once we could try some diplomacy for a change. Remember when Donald Trump visited Kim Jong Un? That shocking move was an act of diplomacy. And here we didn't think Donald Trump had it in him. He did. That was a positive step. That's how you build bridges. The CIA doesn't want us to build bridges. The CIA wants to provoke nuclear war. That's why they are arming Zelenski with depleted uranium tank rounds and missiles to bomb the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas. North Korea needs fertilizer. We should give it to them. That would build a bridge.


  1. That said, you are completely right, the people who control the CIA, the Globalists etc. all want war. "There's money to be made with people we don't know to die to make it for us, and it will grow and consolidate our power. We will rule the world. You on the other hand, will have nothing and like it."

    That's what's on offer. Freedom isn't actually a choice on the ballot, we're going to have to write it in.

    1. Actually it is. Your vote matters:


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