Monday, May 8, 2023

CRT considers banning Fox News

Here we are. Another day in the Twilight Zone where bat sh*t crazy is the new normal. True North is reporting that "In case you haven’t heard, an LGBTQ rights group has asked the CRTC to ban Fox News over 'false and horrifying claims' made by ex-host Tucker Carlson regarding transgender individuals. Worse, the CRTC has actually opened a public consultation on the complaint asking the broadcast regulator to ban Fox News from cable packages in Canada."

I have no idea what Tucker Carlson said about Transgender individuals but we all know what this is really about. It's about leftist extremists being obsessed with canceling and censoring anyone and everyone who dares disagree with anything they say. That's why Brandon Straka started the Walk Away movement. That's why Candace Owens started Black Exit.

That's why Blaire White went viral. We don't have a problem with Transgender. We have a problem with crazy. What consenting adults do is their business. Grooming and sexualizing children is not acceptable no matter who does it.

I'll point out the obvious here. Fox News sucks. It's way better than CNN but there has consistently been a globalist effort to hijack Fox News because globalists are obsessed with controlling everything. Now that Fox News is owned by Blackrock, it's only going to get worse.

That's why they fired Tucker Carlson. Blackrock wants to turn Fox News into globalism. Let's face it, without Tucker Carlson Fox News has no one left. Except for Kayleigh McEnany of course but the cancel culture are trying to get rid of her too. So much for empowering women. They'll empower women as long as they do as they're told. They didn't bring Laura Trump back after the election did they? If Fox News gets rid of Kayleigh McEnany they will be literally worthless.

I will say one thing about this new army recruitment ad targeting the transgender community. That is completely unacceptable. It would be just as unacceptable if it was coming from a hereosexual. The concern isn't LGBT. The concern is immorality. Soldiers risk their lives and make the ultimate sacrifice for others. This insane recruitment ad changes that. Your sexuality has nothing to do with military service. You don't join the army to have sex. You join it to serve others.


  1. Oh boy, I figured this out a week ago, its no coincidence, the timeline is so obvious …. AND HERE COMES BILL-C11!
    I wrote CRTC, I’ll post my submission following this blog.
    12th April Media article FOX + LBGT (province)
    LGBTQ rights group asked the CRTC to ban Fox News over 'false and horrifying claims' made by host Tucker Carlson regarding transgender individuals
    24th April FOX fires Tucker
    3rd May CRTC complaint from LBGT
    CRTC posts ‘submission’ for LBGT complaint

    4th May LGBTQ rights group asked the CRTC to ban Fox News over 'false and horrifying claims' made by host Tucker Carlson regarding transgender individuals (province)
    The CRTC has opened a public consultation on a complaint from an LGBTQ rights group asking the broadcast regulator to ban Fox News from cable packages in Canada

  2. CRTC submission
    CRTC has no business policing the internet. Canadians are quite capable and intelligent to decide what channels/broadcasting they will access. In this case, the CRTC is being manipulated and bamboozled by a radical group of trans-cult infiltrating our resources to access children and brain wash them! Using Kennedy’s declaration, that this trans-ideology is being subjected to hate and violence is not only EXACTLY what this cult imposes upon those who challenge their cult, but step back and ask yourself, if her statement is true, then the public are in a war of truth and fighting back these radical ideologists. The CRTC should not take a complicit and weak role in this battle against the covert operations to sexually exploit our children. CRTC needs to take a strong position against cults like this and advise them it is not your mandate to advance the interests of cults or very questionable motives behind such manipulation. It takes a little bit of homework to establish the true and accurate motives behind this cult, start by following the money that feeds it and then you will see all the big wealthy players who spearhead it. At a time when Canada is seriously broken, our democracy is at stake and our FREEDOMS inshrined in our Charter/Constitution are being bastardized by cults like this. Our soldiers didn’t sacrifice their lives so some trans-cult could manipulate our rights to suit their agenda.

  3. Why doesn’t the CRTC ban TikTok? A CHINA application meant to divide and conquer us. How’s that for our retaliation to their retaliation?

    1. That one's kind of problematic. TikTok is full of crap but who's the bigger fool - the fool or the fool that watches the fool. The obsession to ban alternate opinions is the real concern.

  4. The revolution will not be televised!!!


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