Sunday, May 21, 2023

BC developer asks court to shut down Yaletown supervised injection site

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "One of Vancouver’s largest building developers is asking the courts to force the city of Vancouver to move a Yaletown supervised injection site." Another lethal injection site in Yaletown? That is absolutely insane. When a model fails you don't keep repeating it elsewhere. This is a malicious attempt to destroy Vancouver completely.


  1. That is exactly what it is. Now scale it up to the national level and Justin Castro and his inner circle. Now scale it up to worldwide and we have....globalists. "You'll have nothing and like it." We always will get offered more of what we have already proven ourselves willing to accept. It will continue until we stop accepting anything that is unacceptable. We as Canadians need to learn how to be impolite when dealing with these people who are are plotting, and indeed enacting our enslavement. We need to make great use of the word "No". Otherwise we are doomed. Our children too. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for them.

    1. Putting a lethal injection site in upscale Yaletown is indeed part of Justin Trudeau's plot to destroy the country. It is the problem, reaction, solution paradigm of the Globalists.


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