Thursday, November 23, 2023

RCMP Assistant Commissioner DESTROYS Constable

This is Clinton Jaws on a police excessive force charge. He makes a lot of good points in the video but at 12:53 he shows two new clips showing what happened before the police took the suspect down. The suspect punched a cop in the head after he punched another guy in the head and kicked him in the balls. The cop used the knee on the side of the head technique and was controlling pressure with his hand and opposite foot. They used reasonable force to retrain him.

Civilians have the legal right to use reasonable force to defend themselves. Guess what reasonable force is against a lethal attack? Lethal force. Police have that same right.

It's like that First Nations chief who picked a fight with a cop in Calgary when he was drunk. He was sitting in an uninsured vehicle. He was drunk and combative and kept challenging the police to a fight. One cop tackled him to the ground. He was legally authorized to do so. On the way down the suspect scraped the side of his face. Too bad so sad. He got what he deserved. To claim that was police brutality was absurd. Compare that with how the RCMP musical ride trampled that disabled First Nations grandmother. That was obscene.

This was a civilian peacefully exercising her charter right which the police have sworn an oath to uphold. She was not drunk. She was not combative. She hadn't assaulted anyone or broken any law. The police didn't even have a court order to disband protesters. They simply had a mandate from a tiny little man. It was completely different.

Rebel News showed facebook posts from a member of the RCMP's musical ride chomping at the bit to break his oath and use physical force against peaceful protesters then mocked the fact that they trampled a disabled woman with their horses. That was not heroic. That was a cowardly act that stained all of us. It's time to disband the RCMP in BC and break Ottawa's dysfunctional grip they have on them and make law enforcement locally accountable.


  1. I would run as an MLA or city council on the political promise to get rid of the RCMP.

  2. I think he means you.

    1. Yeah that's not going to happen. BC doesn't have the political will yet.

    2. Politicians are very short term. Bloggers are forever.

    3. I was talking about myself. If I meant Dennis, I would have mentioned him.


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