Saturday, November 18, 2023

Alberta Covid emergency inquiry with Preston Manning

Update: CDC Reports Largest Infant Mortality Rate Increase in 20 Years

True North is reporitng that "Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning was tapped by the Alberta government to lead an inquiry into Alberta’s legislative response to Covid. The panel found that Albertans need better protection against infringements on their rights and freedoms and that Alberta’s emergency management agency – not public health officials – should take the lead on emergency response. The panel also recommends against school closures, which it found should only be a last resort and for as short a time as possible. Manning joins True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the panel’s report and recommendations."

OK so let's navigate the political climate of Covid overreach. Preston Manning is well respected. He was the leader of the Reform party that swept the West and gained a vast majority of the seats in parliament out here. It was a common sense movement based on fiscal responsibility stating that leaving our children unnecessary debt is unwise.

It was created in response to Brain Mulroney's abandonment of Conservative values and his adoption of pork barrel politics. The right became just as bad as the left in balancing the budget so the Reform party was born. Unfortunately the East saw it as a separatist party and couldn't see the forest through the trees. Separatism had nothing to do with it. It was about common sense.

Sadly, Preston Manning merged back with the same pork barrel conservatives that they had rebelled against just to get a conservative elected. Only Stephen Harper wasn't a conservative. He was another Brian Mulroney who hated the Charter of Rights and was not fiscally responsible. He'd rob from Peter to pay Paul. He had just as much pork barrel rewards and insider trading as Lyin Brian did. That's how Justan Idiot got elected.

The Covid pandemic taught us a lot about government over reach, political opportunists, witnessing the fake news explosion and the complete meltdown of the mainstream media's credibility. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

As I have consistently said right from the begging, blind obedience to anyone or anything is blind. Bonnie Henry and David Eby are raging lunatics but they didn't start out that way.

When the BC NDP had a minority government they weren't quite as extreme with their Covid over reach as Jason Kenny and Doug Ford were. In the beginning of the pandemic Jason Kenny and Doug Ford embraced the globalist model just like Benny Yahoo did over in Israel. Those aren't conservative values. Those are corporate communist values and thus we see leftist extremists meet right wing extremists at the other end of the scale in the form of dictatorship. That is why we need to balance the extremes and protect civil liberty at all costs.

As time moved on the tables turned. Jason Kenney saw the writing on the wall and started to back peddle before he was finally removed from office as did Doug Ford. Sadly in BC the NDP took the other route. As soon as the BC NDP broke out of a minority government they showed their true colors and their government over reach became extreme.

When even the WHO declared the pandemic over and everyone started treating Covid like the seasonal flu, Bonnie Henry and David Eby's punitive measures became shockingly absurd.

1) The pandemic is over. We can debate whether or not it was real but we cannot debate whether or not it is over. When viruses mutate they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. Everyone now treats Covid like the seasonal flu as they should.

2) Concerns with Covid Rna vaccines are valid. Traditional vaccines stay in your arm. The body sends anti bodies to the arm to fight off the virus and the body develops immunity. Rna vaccines are different. The Rna causes the virus to bypass the immune system and enter the organs. That is why so many young healthy men and kids develop myocarditis from the Covid Rna vaccines. The data shows that the rise in miscarriages and all cause mortality after the Covid Rna vaccine roll out means people have a right to be concerned and a right to make their own decision about that kind of invasive vaccination. Especially when they spike vaccines with fertility drugs.

3) Knowing that, Bonnie Henry and David Eby's demand that nurses and Health Care practitioners still get the Rna vaccine is punitive and Bill 36 is insanely ridiculous.

This isn't about left versus right. RFK would come to the same conclusions Preston Manning has. This is about extremists adopting the UN's New World Order that seeks to enslave everyone.

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