Thursday, November 30, 2023

Suspicious suicides do exist

OK let's have a calm rational conversation about suspicious suicides. I simply want to make two points. They say in life, sh*t happens. I get it. Things don't always turn out they way we had hoped. Some people get discouraged and give up. I get it. We all know people who have committed suicide and we all know there's always a reason.

The other point I want to make is that some people commit murder and make it look like a suicide so they can get away with murder. It's not rocket science. Case in point, the Shermans.

In 2019 CBC reported that "When billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their Toronto home in Dec. 2017, police initially said it was a murder-suicide. But after their family rejected the idea, and a second autopsy came to a different conclusion, the investigation changed to focus on a double homicide."

I remember that. When the Shermans were first found dead, the police claimed it was a suicide and the family said no way. They were both hanged. I didn't realize the police were claiming it was a murder suicide at first. Nevertheless the family said no way. A second autopsy revealed they were strangled before they here hanged. If the family didn't push for it, a second autopsy would not have been performed and that murder wouldn't have been investigated.

Kinda like Brandy Sarionder. Members of the Hells Angels kicked Brandy out of the strip club she created. Then when she opened up a new strip club on Granville members of the HAs killed her and made it look like a suicide. Making it look like a suicide gave the police a reason not to investigate it but everyone local knows she didn't commit suicide.

Then there's Ashley Machiskinic. Ashley was killed for a drug debt. Police initially tried to brush it off as a suicide. She jumped out of a building. Only she was pushed and they threw her shoes out the winder after they pushed her. When the police tried to brush it off as a suicide the community held a protest march insisting it wasn't a suicide.

In the book Road to Hell, it claims Larry Pace (Lars) killed William Wendelborg in a contract hit ordered by Wolf Carroll’s associate Paul Wilson out in David Giles hometown of Halifax. They knocked him out with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine. Larry plead guilty to accessory to murder and served ten years less statutory release

Giving someone an intentional overdose is another way criminals get away with murder. Brittany Stinn's alleged overdose is highly suspicious. Who do you think gave her the drugs? He didn't die, she did. That's suspicious. IHIT can pat themselves on the back for that one.

Let's take a look at two other suspicious suicides that involve the police. Constable Nicole Chan and Constable Jasmine Thiara. Both those suicides are highly suspicious.

Dr Tracy Pickett's suicide doesn't make sense.

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