Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Hells Angels prospect arrested after Clarington shooting

Insauga dot com is reporting that "Two men, including a Hells Angels prospect, face numerous charges after a Clarington shooting led to the discovery of 13 guns. On Sept. 9, a man drove to a home in Newtonville in a red Ford pick-up truck. The man fired a gun into the home striking a man inside. Durham Regional Police received reports of the shooting and responded to the scene. They found the victim who proved uncooperative with investigators."

"The next day multiple police units including Guns and Gangs, Biker Enforcement and Tactical Support raided two homes and a car. They found 13 guns during the raids including a modified sub-machine gun, a pistol and silencer, several rifles and shotguns, two extended magazines and ammunition. Police also arrested two men on multiple charges during the raid. Anthony Psilopoulos, 38 of Clarington, faces six charges including illicit possession and breaching release orders. Investigators say Psilopoulos is a Hells Angels prospect. Previous court records from 2019 indicate Psilopoulos ranked as a hang-around with the gang at the time. A prospect is a few ranks higher than a hang-around and one step below a fully patched member."


  1. Just fun loving guys who like to ride motorcycles.

  2. No unsafe storage charges? :-)

  3. What would be funny is if these guys would start using trigger or cable padlocks on all the illegal stuff they have, Imagine them winding up in court on the possession charges and their lawyer making the point and wanting consideration from the judge that they were all "safely stored" according to the definition of the law., ha-ha.

    1. The would no doubt avoid unsafe storage charges but storing an illegally obtained firearm safely won't make it legal.


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