Friday, November 10, 2023

Cameron Ortis' redacted testimony - Update

This is a copy of Cameron Otris' redacted testimony.

November 2 PM

November 3 AM

November 3 PM

November 6 AM

November 6 PM

Update: Novemeber 14 Cross Examination

Page 48 of Cameron's testimony on November 2nd confirms that in Deputy Commission Todd Shean's testomony it mentioned Superintendent Marie-Claude Arsenault who filed numerous complaints about him when he was made the Director General of the NICC, It also confirms that Marie-Claude Arsenault was married to Superintendent Mike McLean who turned out to be the officer in charge of Project Ace, or the RCMP investigation into Cameron.

That's a significant conflict of interest. Project Ace was a RCMP Operation striving to remove civilian oversight and public accountability from the RCMP. Marie-Claude Arsenault accused Cameron Ortis of doing to them what they were doing to him. She also gave conflicting testimony in his trial which revealed the jealousy she and the RCMP had of a civilian in charge just like they had for the Regional Organized Crime Unit in BC called OCA.

Update: The North Shore News is reporitng that "A former RCMP official accused of leaking secrets says he was actually conducting a clandestine intelligence operation — one that had to be kept ultra-quiet due to moles within Canadian law enforcement."


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