Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Israel cuts power and drives further south

Update: Journalists being targeted in Gaza

Ben Shapiro's candid criticisms of Candace Owens reveals just how extreme and cult like blind obedience to a globalist has finally come. Everyone can see the anomalies within the Hamas attack and the brutal agenda behind Benny Yahoo's brutal repose.

If Benny Yahoo didn't remove all the IDF watching the border during the attack, there would have been no breach of the Gaza border. If the IDF wasn't given a stand down order, there would have been no hostages. That makes the whole operation suspect.

That statement is not antisemitic. That statement is anti globalist. Benjamin Netanyahu is a globalist tied directly to the WEF. Blind obedience to him is suspicious and foolish.

Candace Owen's crime was to say she objected to the murder of Israeli children just like she objected to the murder if Palestinian children. For that crime Ben Shapiro lost it and said she was completely irrepressible. In reality that statement is completely insane and reveals an agenda.

Ordering the civilian inhabitants to Gaza city to evacuate their homes without letting them have access to electricity, food or water is inhumane. It also reveals their agenda. They are pushing south with tanks and bulldozers in an unprecedented land grab.

I am fully aware the original picture for the Ben Gurion Canal Project shows the canal going around Gaza. It's pretty obvious the shortest route between two pins is a straighten land and that Israel is bulldozing over civilian homes to facilitate that canal. This is corporate communism in full effect. As we speak, IDF forces are driving south well past the city of Gaza deep into the "safe zone" with tanks and drones terrorizing the civilians there just like they did in Gaza city. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is obscene. Hospitals need electricity to function.

Israel ran a few photo ops brings a few suplies to a hospital they raided and shipping incubators for babies. They have incubators. They need the electricity turned on for their incubators to function. Their fake photo ops are simply evil. All these hospitals can;t function without water and electricity. They are performing surgeries without anesthetic for f*cks sake. This brutal invasion following a false flag attack is shameful disgrace. Saying anyone who expresses that concern is complete irresponsible is completely out of touch with reality. It's an offensive lie with an agenda. Blood for oil is evil. Greg kills. Have a heart. Stop the Greed.

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