Sunday, November 26, 2023

Gaza ceasefire and prisoner swap

We see there has been a recent ceasefire in Gaza and a prisoner swap. This is good. Yet we need to look at the irregularities and the realities of what is really going on here.

Who are the Israeli prisoners being released? Are they terrorists? No. They're women and children. The BBC is reprting that "The detainees were chosen from a list of 300 women and minors compiled by Israel. Less than a quarter of those on the list have been convicted - the vast majority are being held on remand while awaiting trial. Most of those listed are teenage boys - 40% of them under the age of 18. There is also one teenage girl and 32 women." Holy Nebuchadnezzar. WTF is really going on here?

"Save the Children surveyed more than 470 children across the West Bank, to hear about their experience of detention and to understand its resounding impact on their lives after release. The children echoed findings by other human rights organisations and painted a similarly bleak picture of the system. A majority reported they had endured a distressing or violent arrest or detention, in most cases at night; a coercive interrogation environment; physical and emotional abuse in detention; and a denial of essential services including an adequate education – all of which constitute a breach of their rights enshrined in international law."

Save the children is also reporting that "Children in the Israeli military detention system face inhumane treatment such as beatings, strip searches, psychological abuse, weeks in solitary confinement, and being denied access to a lawyer during interrogations, new research by Save the Children found." That is the reality and it is an abomination. Times have changed.

Veterans 4 Freedom posted a disturbing video clip from a female Israeli politician. At 5051 she insists that 2 million Palestinians leave Gaza. That's twice the population of Gaza so she is obviously including West Bank in those numbers. At first the politician said letting Palestinians leave Gaza at first was problematic. That's because they were killing them. People used the term genocide. They were killing civilians and a large percentage of whom are children.

Now she's saying OK now we'll let them leave. In fact they all have to leave and we want the international community to take 20 - 50 migrants each. Holy great and abominable. AYFKM? I personally don't have any problem with taking in migrants from Gaza. I have a problem with what's really happening here and how the fake news is misrepresenting it.

Now let's revisit some of the obvious anomalies but before we do that let me restate the obvious. The October 7th Hamas attack was inexcusable. Two wrongs don't make a right. They are both wrong. What's bad for the goose is bad for the gander. The concern that I have is the anomalies surround that attack. First of all how did they get in?

Former Israeli soldiers boldly declare that there is no way anyone can cross that border undetected. When a pigeon or a stork approaches the fence, alarms go off. Yet we saw the black water operatives blow up the fence to let the Hamas terrorists in. That was allowed to happen because Benny Yahoo the globalist in waiting moved all the troops patrolling that border over to West Bank. He let them in. Then he gave the IDF a stand down order forbidding them to engage the Hamas terrorists while they killed Israelis and took hostages. He let them take hostages. That clearly demonstrates the invasion of Gaza was staged.

This whole hostage exchange is a circus side show just like the one in Iran was. This does not mean the Holocaust never happened. This does not mean the earth is flat. The Holocaust did happen and the earth is not flat. That doesn't make me a globalist. It makes me a realist.


  1. Once the hostage negotiations run as far as they can.....say goodnight to Palestine.
    Israel plays games better than any other country on the planet.
    They don't give a flying fck what the international community thinks.

  2. " they "don't give a flying fxxk". Well at one time no one cared about the Jews as they were rounded up, sent to concentration camps and killed. Lets not forget both the U.S.A. and Canada turned away Jews who arrived on our shores looking for asylum. Both countries denied them entry, the ship returned to Germany and a lot of those people went to the gas chambers. England wasn't easy to get into either if you were a Jew.
    The Allies knew what was going on in the concentration camps, but they don't appear to have been all that concerned. It wasn't until the last two years of WWII that the U.S.A. got involved in Europe. Up until then they'd mostly been fighting in Asia and area.

    The world sat around while Pol Pot murdered approx. 3 million of his fellow citizens in Cambodia. When Vietnam "invaded" and put a stop to the killing they were condemed at the UN for interfering in another countries business or some such thing.

    The current war was started by the invasion of Israel by Hamas. Anyone with half a brain knows what Israel would do and they've done it.

    The Palestionians need to have the right to the land they are currently on in Gaza and the West Bank. However, the Palestinian leadership isn't interested in the people. Three of the top leaders for Hamas live in Quatar. One has $3billion in the bank and the other two have $4 billion in the bank. In the mean time 12% of the children in Gaza die from dirty water. No adequate wells, piping system, etc. Why, well the leaders of Hamas control the money which comes into Gaza for the people but Hamas leaders keep it for themselves. War makes some rich and the Hamas leadership is getting very rich, for guys who never did hold a job.
    Some people say, "Never again". Others say, "it can happen again".

    1. Again we are faced with the obvious anomalies. Why would Hamas start a war they knew they could not win right after they signed an agreement on sharing the profits from Natural gas. Bennie Yahoo let them in and let them take hostages. That is clear.

      If what you say is true and the leadership is sitting in Qatar, then that is another red flag. Qatar armed ISIS. The CIA created ISIS to provoke a reaction. Mossad created Hamas to drive Fatah out of Gaza. No matter how you slice it, the pie is rotten.

    2. Interesting how the Ukrainian holodomor that preceded holocaust gets zero coverage.
      Even more interesting the group responsible for starving the Ukrainians.

    3. Communism and Fascism are one in the same

    4. Specifically speaking of the group who dominated Soviet politics at the time.

    5. Stalin and Hitler were one in the same


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