Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Three suspects charged in Ottawa shooting

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "Three men have been charged in connection with Monday’s daytime shooting in Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood, and police say more charges could be coming. The 22-year-old victim of the shooting on Bank Street was taken to hospital and remains in critical condition but will be facing several firearm-related charges, and will appear in court at a later date, police said Tuesday afternoon."

"An 18-year-old man faces multiple gun and drug-related charges, along with charges of aggravated assault, police said. Drug-related charges were laid against a 19-year-old man. A woman who had been walking north on Bank Street around the time of the shooting Monday said she heard two men in front of her get into a heated argument. She heard gunshots and fled with other terrified bystanders to the Massine’s Your Independent grocery store one block north."

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