Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Halloween in Gaza IRL - Update

Sadly Israel wasn't dropping candies in Gaza for the children on Halloween. They were pounding them with bombs and artillery. There are civilians buried under all that ruble just like during earthquakes. TSO put out a powerful song called Christmas eve in Sarajevo during that conflict. James Blunt put out a song called No Bravery. Now we are left with Halloween in Gaza. A morbid conflict exemplifying greed buried with lies. If you want to ease suffering in Gaza donate to the Red Crescent. Don't put your money in a rich globalists pocket.

Al Qaeda this, ISIS that, Hamas what? - The WEF wants Gaza's Oil and natural gas

Update: I'm really having to sift through the comets because people are spamming me with insane extremism on both sides of the conflict. I simply said you can't say all Jews are this or all Muslims are that. What I said stands. 9/11 was an inside job. The media kept replaying that atrocity to trigger an emotional response just like with the Hamas attack.

The Hamas attack was outrageous and inexcusable. However, the timing of the attack was highly suspicious. Why would they raid Israel and start a war they knew they could not win, right after they agreed to drill for oil? They wouldn't. The CIA paid people to do it just like they paid the Iranian hostage takers to keep the hostages until after the election. The 7 hour IDF stand down order puts the entire mission into question. If the IDF didn't stand down for 7 hours there would be no hostages so nothing they say has any credibility at this point.

As I said from the beginning the conflict is simple. It's about two groups of people who refuse to share. In fact they're related. They are all children of Abraham. Hamas' manifesto is unacceptable. The Oslo accord recognizes the Jews right to exist and the Palestinians right to exist. When either side refuses to recognize the other's right to exist, then that is a breech of that agreement. Israel does not have a right to expand it's borders. Israel is bound the the land division God gave Joshua. God did not give Joshua all of the land, for a reason. Ya'll don't listen. The pride cycle has clearly shown that when Israel gets swept away in their pride, they are conquered - slaves in Egypt, captive in Babylon. History repeats itself until we learn from it.

Hamas and the leftist extremists who insist on misrepresenting the conflict need to get over the Israeli occupation myth. Israel is in their land not yours. They pulled out and set Gaza free. As soon as they did that Gaza started firing rockets into Israel. That is unacceptable and needs to stop. If it doesn't stop your land will be taken from you so stop it.

After the war, North and South Korea were divided. Likewise Gaza and Israel has been divided. We need to recognize that border. Neither side has the right to expand their border. Israel is violating the Oslo accord in West bank through forced evictions. West Bank is occupied by Israeli troops. That's something we need to discuss but that discussion will occur without violence. Forceful evictions is violence. That needs to stop. That is not Zionism.

Then again it doesn't really matter because Israel is going to do whatever they want like they always do before they get conquered. No one is bullet proof and no one can take on the entire world. Israel is not always right. History and their own scriptures confirm it.

The elephant in the room that our no so independent media refuses to recognize is that Benjamin Netanyahu is tied directly to the World Economic Forum just like Zelenski is. He's trying to turn Jews and Palestinians both into slaves. That's why they are trying to divide us.



    Biden appears to be (what means "appears") protecting the "Ukraine War Financial Fraud"......notice how Sam Bankman-Fried, who gave them all kinds of free money and was part of this massive money laundering scheme was just convicted of fraud, all counts, and now this "bank-man" is about to get "fried" to the tune of a LOT of years in the Federal Penitentiary. His name will be "Samantha" soon. It will be interesting to see if he is sent to a "hard time" facility hoping he will be got rid of there, if he goes to a "summer camp" facility, or if Biden pardons him just before the end of his term. Lots to keep an eye on here. Most amusing how little Sammy grew up to resemble his last name, the bank man getting fried.

    1. Exactly. Tying Israel aid with the Ukraine aid was yet another red flag. Calling Hamas ISIS was the first red flag. Calling the Hamas attack Israel's 9/11 was the second red flag. All these red flags complete a picture of fraud tied to globalism and the WEF. Biden and the WEF are embezzling America's wealth so when Armageddon really does come the Eagle will be bankrupt.


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